Wednesday, 19 February 2014


I need to clearly understand is marriage an achievement? you start dating someone, he proposes, you get married does that make you really happy? Is that the end/ beginning of your life.

I know someone that constantly puts up   "le boo", God saved the best for the last , my this/my that" and then just opens up that her man constantly beats her, talks down on her and what not" and i just remain speechless not because i have nothing to say but because i don't want to be seen as someone that says "i told you so". i haff talk tire.

I was reading something on 2 face a few days ago and i honestly don't believe it but then again i thought to myself "what if its true" baby no 8 abi is it 9? The first question i would ask though is this "Teniola" person that supposedly slept with him was she foolish as to not sleep with a condom, secondly why would 2 face even go outside again, like Annie just gave birth what more do you want, this is a woman who gave you her life practically and you just dey pansh around really? But lets ask Annie the inevitable *insert your question here* Please note i said i don't exactly think the story is true but these are random thoughts so.

Everyone wants to get married these days you wonder if there's a talent hunt lurking around and camera's would just come out, people after 4 months some 3 and bam like that( i'm not saying it doesn't happen but excuse me in our Nigeria today i would like to say "yeye dey smell"

Trust me i'm a sucker for love and all things relationship but with the way things are going now i just chilled oh! a girl cant shout, some men out there are wolves. If you don't meet someone that is manipulative with words and emotions, its one that is engaged or one that wants to live off you no job, no future ambition and telling you he will hold you down, hold you down with what exactly GRAVITY? biko take a sit

Ladies: love,marriage is a beautiful thing and i want it someday but sometimes we need to chill and take a few seats back, assess this person, be friends, take it one step at a time and please do not settle for an Ishmael simply because you think his your Isaac.

At a point and i wont even lie i wanted to be in a relationship at all cost, i just wanted to be with a man and i realized i ended up always settling for less and i had to ask God one day after my inner circle had really spoken to me on my need to chill and i prayed and cried to God asking him to help me love me wholly and trust me its an amazing feeling, sometimes you get lonely mehn but i just brush it up and a sister is back yo.

They say as long as you get to be "wifed up that's important" and i ask shey dandan ni(na by force) so because i want to be in a man"s house means i must begin to dey smell yansh", you high or something?

Then the issue of a "woman has to keep her home" she should brave it up and take it in/all men cheat"
 NO NOT ALL MEN CHEAT,so please shut up! why does the onus rest on women to always be the one to keep the home, didn't they both go into it together, it takes two to tango not one to constantly be trying to keep it and the other party being aloof. Men brace up abeg and accept responsibility

There are amazing men out there mehn, i know a few but please do you, don't rush and be claiming any man you see with no ring oh! take your time, what is yours is yours, your peace of mind is what you need above all not to be worrying has *insert name here* gone to fuck outside again and be killing yourself it is not that hard biko.

The kind of laughter that i don dey laugh since as i dey write this post ehn, me sef i was wondering. but really and truly ladies, you deserve the very best and good men deserve the very best too, so as you pray and commit you future into God's hand please use wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Tainz

Friday, 20 December 2013


Lola Omotayo-Okoye is stunning. End of story


Christmas is super near and it’s already time to start thinking about some Christmas gifts ideas for  our beloved ones. Despite what many people think, men are always the most difficult ones buy something for, whether is our sweet second half, your dad, your brother or a friend. So here are a few ideas for you!

If your man is a techy kind of guy then technology it shall be. Of course everything related with this can be quite costly, specially if we're talking about tablets, smartphones and so on. Some brands offer the possibility to buy refurbished products, which basically means that they were new products that had some type of defect at the time they were bought, so they were taken back to the store (giving the client a new article) and after repairing the item sold for a lesser price. Another option is to buy them on classifieds sites where you can find just about anything, from accessories to devices like tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. or even things not related to technology, which could be a good idea if they're in perfect state.

If he is a guy who likes style and fashion and enjoys dressing up and wearing trendy accessories, then a smart watch could be the right choice. According to the tastes and style of your man, there are many different types of watches: from the most elegant ones to those with highly technical features and deep underwater resistance. Speaking of accessories, a nice tie, some silver cuff links, a leather belt or a perfume can also be an amazing idea for a gift. He will surely appreciate an elegant new accessory to match with those new shoes he just bought.

If he is a hard worker a nice gift could be related to rest and relaxation. This is specially true for men who like to take special care of their skin, hair and beard. Forget about the stereotype that only women and gay men use beauty products because it's old fashioned and specially not true! Now more than ever men are starting to take care of their “handsomeness”, and of course your man will want to look good for you too. There are plenty of beauty products for men in cosmetics stores, so make sure to pay close attention at your man's beauty needs to pick the right item for him. A all-time classic has been a beard trimmer or a shaver, you can't go wrong with that (unless he already has one)!

Another great gift is an experience. You could buy him a weekend somewhere in the countryside or maybe a spa, where you can go together and get some relax away from everyday life. Or if your man is an adrenalin one, then he will love the idea of a rafting experience, parachuting, or free climbing! Check out online for some adventure activities that can be interesting to do, and if you're a crazy girl yourself there's no better gift than to go along!

These are just a few ideas to give a great Christmas gift to your man this year. Remember men are happy with pretty much any gift if it's from the person they love, don't over-think it too much!

Monday, 11 November 2013


Whooooooohpie, its my birthday today guys and i'm absolutely excited.

I am absolutely grateful to God for everything he has done in the past one year, through my unfaithfulness, wanting to give up,tears,laughter,breakthroughs he remained faithful and i cant thank him enough.

In the past one year, i have grown so much, learnt and gained some of the most amazing friends.Titi reju i lurrrr u beb, Nne, Kunz,Zaine. kilzez for days

So here''s wishing me and all others born on this day a fantastic year ahead, filled with his goodness, mercy,favor,grace,kindness,love and every other fantastic thing.

I am extremely overwhelmed with all the love, i cant even keep up replying tweets, messages. God bless you all.

Love you guys, gotta get back to work.

Monday, 4 November 2013


Heys guys, how have you all been?
Whooosh its november and i"m uber excited because its my birth month and its exactly a week away,the 11th to be precise.

I am very very veryyyyyyyyy excited, just being alive alone, God's mercy,grace,favor, kindness, faithfulness on/in my life has been beyond amazing i cant say thank you to him enough.

That reminds me i need to understand why people type "MI or MA" instead of MY, or HORLAMIDEY instead of OLAMIDE, i''m trying to get my brain around it like.....

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


I saw this tweet a few days ago and have being trying to wrap my head round it.

"'Hard work is good but working smart is better"

Does working smart mean not having to do so much, like delegating duties, what exactly??? Please help me shed more light on this.


This is a friends friends story and she needs help as she is quite confused,here goes.

Tola and Lola are good friends, Tola was dating Layo, in between they had issues and broke up amicably. Layo starts chatting with Lola and one thing leads to another and they became close, Layo's asking Lola out and she really isnt sure as she has grown to like him but is also thinking its betrayal on her part to her friend

PS:Note nothing has happened between Lola and Layo before, Obviously Tola is angry because she feels the two were having something before and that her close friend shouldnt date her ex.

Me myself i"m lost to this because its sorta a 2way thing.

Pls give your advice, no absues abeg

Thursday, 17 October 2013


Loly is an extremely beautiful woman. Inside out

Nigerian men arent of this world.

Nigerian men arent of this world i tell you. lol

Disclaimer: Although many people will still ignore this and get mad anyway; I do not mean to indulge in generalities. This is all based on my experience and those of a few friends

 I need to understand why a man would still be depending on mumy and dady at this age(being 30) they say they are chasing contract today,waiting for contract tomorrow this and that i don tire.

You come into an office and tell me you want to be earning 150k monthly with only a B.A in business administration ( i didnt know when i burst out laughing in the interview), no experience, nothing and you want to be earning 150k, when its not as if you went to a babalawo before you came for the interview.

In this lagos you can  rarely have a decent conversation without it going into alcohol or party or girls with a man, almost impossible, have we become so shallow?

Everybody is in the entertainment industry now, you meet one he"ll say his a producer,DJ,artist and the first few minutes of the convo your exhausted.

My dear men are so good with telling you "something is telling me your my wife", "i want to get married in 8 months" no source of income, no business on the side NATHING and you wan marry

Men whatever happened to being hardworking or industrious? you sit your ass home, smoking weed, chasing one music career or acting career that you know is not going anywhere. Whatever happened to trying to workout something, get with a few friends, think up a business plan and implement. It might be hard at first but its worth the trail.

The breed of men this country is churning out these days is just *smh* these are future fathers.

The truth be told, there are fantastic men out there who work hard and have their priorities right, they play hard but work harder but these range rover driving, squatting with mumy and daddy, wake up at 12, check your twitter acount, call one babe up is horrendous. Plix una try and do something ehn.

Thursday, 26 September 2013


He was in my platoon when i did nysc oh, my guy. lol

My support system.

The amazing folks I call my friends. These people have seen me cry, laugh, been there through the good and bad, the break ups, the lovey dovey times (that I just kept talking about) the drama and all, to say I am very grateful for them is small. I love you guys very much. Xoxoxo

1.Kunz: My bestie of life, it’s been 2years and a few months and this ogbeni is all sorts of amazing. Like I don’t know someone who would let me rant all my rants, cry and complain, scream and he’ll just look at me. When I’m done he’ll ask “are you done”? He’ll then proceed to talk to me and then I’m wondering ok why I’m I even complaining, he makes me feel better all the time, my no 2 supporter, my children’s godfather, my fellow watch addict, my chief bridesmaid.
Kunz has been there oh! Every step of the way mehn, and these past two years have been the hardest but he always pulls with me every time. Kunz just knows what to say, his my antidote. Love you hun.

2. LG aka Lady guide aka Joy: Hahaha Lg is my personal person and to think we met on twitter, she is definitely proof that there are still good people out there. LG is just a clown, her words of advice, our bants, and our prayers together.  LG remember TM and all the advices, kai this bebe I love you. Lg is one of the most selfless people I know, always there to help and I won’t exchange you for anyone in the world.
PS: No be 100 u go spray at the wedding.

3.Titi Reju:  Titi of life! Her wisdom is beyond this world, Titi reju. My 2nd chief brides maid, boo of life, my producer (youngest producer in Lagos or should I say Nigeria’s history) titi is cool people’s,very grateful I have her in my life. I have cried,screamed,cursed, shouted at her these past  few weeks because of a rough time and she never ever left me, told me it will be fine and it sure became fine, never felt more of a diva with all her graciousness. My calming pelson is who titi is. Love u hunnay

4.NNE aka NNENA: Hahaha thinking of her is already making me laugh, I met my match in this ge. Drama queen of life, but there can’t be two Nne’s mehn. Hahaha we met during NYSC year and haven’t looked back, nne has drama for days but I love this igbo ge like my sister.I f I want to show some people craze na Nne I go carry, she go
tell them her mind and trust me the thing will get done, nne is mama Africa, Iyalaje of everywhere. Single but not searching(sticks tounge out), my bebe ge.

5.May: My cutie, my boonskins, my baby, my prayer partner(hahaha may you remember “the African praise experience”) kai or was it that show that you said “kilode ti baby yi gbe plantation sori”kai May always always makes me laugh like I don’t even understand.
One day we fought and I said “may please leave me and she said “Yeni by force we shall be friends”hahaha who says that. Mayowa has been a great friend, been there for me. It’s been 8years and counting and May is just the sweetest person I know and I love love her.

A few people that are my people Lolly of life(My sis in law),Gbemisoke(needs a whole post to herself, my wisdom book is what I call her) 9ja foodie( a ma to ri ra, and then I shall be earing everything),Seun Johnson aka Sj(my thinker, the brain box) Zainab*insert smile*

Friday, 20 September 2013


As gotten from Rolake was about to do it, for about five months, she had been in that under g kinda mode with Tope, but she was ready now, ready to proclaim him to the whole wide world.

 She had tested him in every way to see if he was serious and he had come out smelling like roses, she had even gotten her hot friend whom he didn’t know, Adefolaju, to flirt with him to see if he would fall. Lailai, he didn’t.

She put up a picture as her twitter AVI for all her five thousand plus followers to see. Then she uploaded pictures on face book and finally put the same AVI picture as her BBM display picture.
As she expected, the comments and gbeborun questions started pouring in,she had a good laugh answering each and every one of them and everyone congratulated her that Tope was a great catch. She felt on top of the world.

She had put the picture up at eight just as she got to work and met a bouquet of roses from Tope waiting for her. Now, six hours later, the Nigerian and UK gbeboruns were satisfied, the U.S and Canada gbeboruns just began waking up.

The contact named The Sexy Retard on her BBM but whose real name was Ranti pinged her, Ranti was her very close friend who relocated to Canada like six years ago. Of course, they were still close, but the time and distance had made them drift a little, so she didn’t share all the juicy details of  with her,especially after Ranti’s painful breakup with her boyfriend of two years, one Babs like that.

Ranti was a coded kind of person who didn’t share any of Babs pictures on social media because she was a mini-celeb,but in private with Rolake, she shared all the details of her sex life with Babs, how he turned her, tied her, lifted her, pounded her, ate her, every single erotic detail.
She opened Ranti’s message and here’s what it said
“Rolake, why the hell are you putting up a picture of you and Babs and calling him your boo?”
It was then that it hit Rolake that Tope’s full first name was Babatope and he had mentioned at some point that he had been called Babs when he lived abroad.

If you were Rolake, would you go on with the relationship or call it off? If you are male, reverse the genders in the story and let’s know what you would do. This was fun at work today, so I’m dying to hear your thoughts. Vote and then drop a comment. Culled from ema"s blog

What would you do in Rolake's Shoes?