Friday, 10 February 2012


What exactly is going on?? father God pls help us oh! The rate at which young people are dying is alarming. First it was Adeola Randolph, then the couple that died today on third mainland bridge today

Now my friend who lives in 1004 estate just told me that the owner of Suzy Q is dead, that a guy just stabbed her when they were having a fight in her apartment on the 6th floor and in his bid to escape he jumped down from the balcony and died too. The bodies were just carried away, I'm weak is an understatement, Kai God what is all this now,my heart is just saddened.

Suzy q was formerly club Jonzing owned by D'prince of MOhits before they went their separate ways,her real name is suzzie.

Before I could get there, the bodies were taken away but blood was splattered everywhere as the stabber jumped from the 6th floor of cluster D of the 1004 flats

We really need to pray as a country oh! Because I don't understand when we started stabbing ourselves or pouring acid, what is all this now, what, I'm really numb right now and can't even move my car from 1004, what the he'll is this, why,why,why????? Aaargh


Anonymous said...

This is a bit sad, very unhappy to hear the news. I hope you didn't look too much so that you are not overtly traumatized. May their souls rest in peace.


Anonymous said...


gangster lifestyle.

but too young to die.

Anonymous said...

when you ask round 1004 one can get more gist about this babe, her lifestyle and stuff to hazzard a guss whatz up.

anyhow, may her soul rest in peace

Anonymous said...

YEni I doff my hat for you, exclusive, 1st to carry it and as it happened. May you always break exclusives that are good too amen. Keep it up

lucabracee said...

really sad incident hope the police get to the buttom of it cause there are still a lot of unknown behind this tragic deaths cause it doesn't fit a conventional male murders female scenario