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P square has just been signed to the universal music group South Africa,gen gen do u people know what that is. News unfolding, I'm somewhere where the news just broke, choi how I love




My hubby came home one night calmed and happy, I was surprised but happy. He's been out of control for sometime now, actually since I lost my dad two years ago. He became the CEO since my dad died, it was on the will for my husband to become the CEO and my baby brother the Managing director. I've done everything in my power to make things right but whatever I do is not good enough. This wasn't the same Tayo that I married. My parents were rich but their two children were trained well. I was working in my dad's company until I had my second child. My dad told me to stay at home and takecare of the kids because I refused to get a maid and my grandma that was helping passed away at the time.(I lost my mom five years ago too) I enjoyed every minute of being a wife and a mom until I lost my dad. My husband came in that fateful day about three months ago, looked at me and said "I don't love you Kemi, I never did. I appreciate everything you have done but it is time I move on with my life. You can stay in this house, keep the cars and I'll arrange for monthly allowance for you and the kids. If your brother agrees with my lawyer's terms, I'll pay him generously for his share in the company. Thanks to your father, I owe the 70% of the company. Don't try to fight this, it is clearly written in your father's will." I woke up the following day at the hospital and by my side was dad's lawyer, she looked at me and smiled! Two weeks later, the lawyer came to see me at home and to my surprise, she brought with her a letter handwritten by my dad. I wish I could hug dad at that very minute. There was a clause in the will, if Tayo leaves me without any fault of mine or if he dies before me, I have to take over the company. Dad knew I could handle it, I've been working in the company since my first year in the university! Tayo came to the house two days after he saw dad's letter, begging me to forgive him. Should she forgive? Now for my own opinion, i wont lie, i dont think i will forgive oh! ehn, can you imagine. biko carry your load and go, i can forgive but that you should come back and we should be one, you must be MAD!!!!


Parents,guardians and whoever knows a child please,pease and please keep an eye on them wherever you are, dont let them walk behind you, its either they are beside you and or just in front of you, kids nowadays and their energy ehn. How they can just run off into the streets or under a car or dive into a pool, pls oh! And pls never leave a child unattended to, they are easy prey for all these kidnappers oh! biko the story of kids gne missing is just too sickning and worrisome


I think i see the one people would nominate me for like they did last time ... I sha think Fashola should win something Change Best Use of Advocacy Best Use of New Media Creativity Creative Artist of the Year Designer of the Year Excellence in Service Excellence in Service – Government Excellence in Service – Journalism Excellence in Service – Corporate Innovation Innovator of the Year – Science & Technology Innovator of the Year – Education Entertainment Actor of the Year Musician of the Year Producer of the Year – Music Producer of the Year – Screen On-Air Personality – Radio On-Air Personality – Television Entrepreneurship Entrepreneur of the Year – Entertainment Entrepreneur of the Year – Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year – Technology Entrepreneur of the Year – Media/Communication Entrepreneur of the Year – General The Ultimate Prize Young Person of the Year ABOUT THE FUTURE AWARDS Referred to by the World bank as 'Nobel Prize for Young Africans”, The Future Awards continues to be the most influential and popular youth platform on the continent. It identifies young people who have excelled at their work, celebrates their achievements, and showcases them as role models to inspire a generation of Africans to believe in themselves and the future of their countries. With outreaches to Ghana, Ethiopia and South Africa and having visited at least 24 states in Nigeria, The Future Awards has also been described by respected leaders as “Africa's biggest youth event” and in seven years, has produced 126 winners and over 1,000 nominees. Our mission is to inspire leadership and build enterprise. To this end, The Future Awards has created authentic made-in-Nigeria superstars, outside of entertainment, fashion and the media. Winners include female farmer and face of youth entrepreneurship in Nigeria, Mosunmola Umoru; international author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, NASA scholar, Tosin Otitoju, founder of the Dustbin Estate Children’s Foundation Tolu Sangosanya, investor of the 1-second power change-over based in Ajegunle, Otejiri Oghoghorie, and the 2011 winner for Young Person of the Year, farm technology entrepreneur and Rolex Award winner, Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu. This is a critical mass of young people that are positioned as leaders and whose collective influence can change the leadership equation for an evolving nation. The Future Awards, and its sister brand, The Future Project have thus become known and respected across the continent for being in the forefront of inspiring a new generation of leaders/leadership for Nigeria, working with the Africa Union, the US Government, the British Council, the Ministry of Youth Development, the Nigerian Presidency amongst other organisations.


On May 29, Nigeria’s biggest youth event ‘The Future Awards’ organised an elaborate media and VIP launch for its seventh season. The event, which coincided with the country’s Democracy Day celebrations, took place at the Koral Reef in Ikoyi, Lagos. In attendance were past winners and judges of the awards including Tara Fela Durotoye (Entrepreneur of the Year and Young Person of the Year), Uche Nnaji (Style Entrepreneur of the Year) and Tolu Ogunlesi (Journalist of the Year) who interacted with the media on the impact and influence of the awards. This year, the Awards – unveiled as The Future Awards for Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Innovators – is themed ‘Tear down these walls!’ emphasising how far and how hard young people have worked to build a new system of innovation and values in Nigeria. The event unveiled the TV promos, radio promos, print and outdoor advertising that will drive the media campaign. The Future Awards led the charge: presenting over 1000 Positive Role Models (especially outside of entertainment) to young Nigerians and Africans over the past years, we have succeeded in establishing faith in country amongst blocs of young people, fundamentally altered for good the way young Nigerians are viewed as leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs,” said a speech by Executive Director of The Future Project, Chude Jideonwo. “What do we need? We need for government to get out of the way – to stop being an obstacle to the revolution powered by these young people. We don’t really need government to create jobs; we need government to create the atmosphere for these brilliant minds to create jobs for themselves and for other Nigerians. “Where are the investors ready to take risks on our own Facebook or Groupon? Where are the venture capitalists able to drive and to push these young people far and beyond what even they think they are capable of? Where are the hubs structured to give rise to a flurry of ideas that work? Those are the walls that limit many young people from doing all that they can do, from being all that they can be. And we say: it’s time to tear down these walls.” To emphasise this year’s focus, there are still 21 awards categories, but there are broken into seven broad sections that include categories include CHANGE, CREATIVITY, INNOVATION, ENTERTAINMENT and ENTREPENEURSHIP. The event was anchored by designer and editor, Ohimai Atafo, who is head of the award’s Central Working Committee. “The season starts immediately,” he said. “We begin the town hall meetings to the six geo-political zones; we will also have special town hall meetings to spotlight innovation in specific fields, there will of course be the Nominees Reception for Charity, all leading to the awards in August – we are excited!” Also announced were the media partners for Season 7. They include Cool FM, Wazobia FM, Nigeria 99.9 Info, Channels TV, TVC, Hip on TV,, Linda Ikeji, NET, Premium Times, FAB, Complete Fashion, TW, and LASAA. Official Media Partners are Africa Magic and Y! ( The Future Awards 2012 will hold on August 26, 2012. Nominations are now on via Nominations end at midnight on June 30, 2012.


So there you have it Eva is the 1st lady of Trybe records. Eldee took his twitter account early on Wednesday May 30, 2012 to announce her signing: He wrote: “Good morning Yall! Join me as I welcome @evaalordiah the newest member of Trybe Records v2.0!” Eva also confirms the signing as she took to her Twitter line, saying ‘Wow! I had to go through 13 Record deals to finally get here.. Did I say Yes to the 14th? Yes! Am I happy? Oh Yes!!.


Kaffy has energy for days choi, that girl ehn, her son looks so much like her, she what i'm saying about energy...hehe *no pun intended*


Fashola is working, Lagos is moving. Anyways to make our journies easier, our dear gov BRF has just launched a radio station that is strictly for traffic Traffic Radio 96.1FM, which will enable you know what routes to take and those to avoid when your going out. On a lighter note, shebi music would be played and they'll bring celebs on to talk about their journey in Lagos traffic, hahahahahah


So my country people you heard that Liberia's former president Charles Taylor was sentenced to 50 years in prison for war crimes at an international war crimes court, in The Hague. He was found guilty last month of 11 counts of aiding and abetting was crimes and crimes against humanity by supporting rebels between 1996 and 2002 in return for conflict diamonds. He was convicted of offenses including murder, rape, sexual slavery, recruiting child soldiers, enforced amputations and pillage. So therefore that means that when he is being realeased if his alive then(not praying that he should die oh) i shall be 73, mo gbe! Sometimes i think all our Nigerian politicians should be tried outside the country.


I love this new series who knows where i can get season 1?


So you guys heard what the president said on Democracy day about how Nigeria wont scatter, cassava bread and the one that took the piss with almost everyone, name change of UNILAG, Abiola is a hero and deserves such honor but why dont they name a historical building or something in the fedral capital territory after him not UNILAG na, Unilag students vex oh! na so them kan block 3rd mainland bridge yesterday. In my mind i thought it was highly uneccessary, why not boycott classes or better still the Student governing body should take action, or they should have gone to protest in front of Jonathan's bedroom door but na 3rd mainland dem kan blog, i just thank God that nobody pushed anybody off the bridge by mistake. I dont think a name change would affect the quality of education you get, some very prestigious schools abroad had name changes, i think Princeton included so, but that doesnt mean i think Jona changing the name is sensible. On a lighter note, its like these graphic artist are on hand to just draw, see as they just brought out various pics immediaetly, i almost fainted with laughter.

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Awwww her son is sooo adorable


I'm just in the mood to picture blog today,so bear with me. Anyways everytime, i mean everytime i put this pic up on my bbm i get the following: 1. You guys look so good together 2. Is he the one? so you didnt tell me 3. Awww Hehe anyways i decided to put it up now, what do you guys think. Nosa is my person oh! we've been friends since soundcity so norring, ladies his single oh, so you can pitch your tent... PS: His stubborn!



YO! people the blog is going to be 2 in about 19 days#excited much* bless my dad's heart for the inspiration and push to keep going on, so i was wondering maybe we could have a come and chop, abi ki le feel, let me know now oh!


Some things are just wrong plain and simple, kini eleyi sin, ogbeni kilo fa oshi(meaning mr man wetin cause this kind rubbish)He looks like....


Yesterday my friend put this pic up on her DP asking "SHEY GOOGLE IS THE MORDERN IFA(yoruba priest) NI"?


Here's wishing foremost a friend and big brother, popular comedian Tee A and his wife Aunty Kehinde a very happy anniversary. Its been 7 years of marriage and 17 years of friendship, they've even started looking like twins. God bless you both and e ma ba ara yin kale. Amen

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Dont show this to a child oh!

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I was very weak as i just finished reading this, wow wow, wow thats all i can say. hmmmm, honestly i think its made up or shes simply daft, one man 14 abortions and you continued. Jesu! i dont even believe that you can have that many abortions, i feel this is just a funny story, pls doctors is this possible? 26 abi se meant 6, Jesu I am 26 years old. I simply got into sex out of ignorance like millions of young people today. My addiction placed me as the highest abortionist in the world at age of 26 and now, I have a sad story to tell. Until I found myself in a total mess, I never really had any Idea what premarital sex was all about. I never knew it was so useless and killing. Before I got into it, I use to think it was some fun and I dreamt of it more often than not. I wished with all my heart to have a boyfriend whom we would explore it together, little did I know that I was being nasty to myself. Because of things I see on TV and magazine, I thought having sex was so much fun, I fantasized about it each time I felt lonely. I was just a little girl but I had big wishes and huge fantasies. Only if I had known that everything I see in movies and soap operas were just acting and make belief; only if I had known that there is nothing in sex after all, the only thing in it is self destruction; I think my life wouldn’t be this miserable. It’s a pity i really had to learn the hard way and I really wish I had never been born, I wish I had not come out into this deceitful world where nobody cares about young people, all the so called adults do is how they would play on the intelligence of young people in a bid to exploit and use them to satisfy their insatiable sexual passion. I really feel bad about this wicked world. My plight started when I was sixteen, then I was still a virgin and in secondary school, I was ignorant of many things but because I see it every day on the TV and internet. More so, a couple of so called Anti AIDS people visited us in school a couple of times for lectures, but all they did was introduce sex to us even more because they really had nothing but condoms to show. Fine, they told us about AIDS, but at the same time, they also told us about condoms, they never really said anything real about sex, they said we could contact AIDS not through sex, but unprotected sex, which means there was nothing wrong with sex as long as you could use condoms, but all of that I now know very well are lies, and I wonder why men and women would enjoy telling teenagers deadly lies like that. Even though I can’t blame those people totally for my plight because they weren’t really the ones that said I should go into sex, I still never forgive them for encouraging me and other young people like me into sex with their preaching of protected sex or condom. Even though I wanted to see what sex was really like and I fantasized about it, some were within me, I was still very scared of what may happen to me afterwards if l tried it, and it was that fear that actually kept me away from it until I was sixteen. By the time I was sixteen, my fantasy had gotten enough boost to express itself with reliance to said to myself one day, “free yourself baby girl, there is nothing terrible in sex, can’t you see everyone is doing it, by the way, you can always use condoms nothing will happen”. So, I finally decided to let go of my fears and embrace in totality my silly fantasies, and that was how I took the very first step into this miserable life of illicit sex. I had absolutely no idea of what I was going into. I finally agreed to date this guy who had been disturbing me for more than a year, his name was Andrew. Andrew was five years older than me. Both of us began enjoying sex, we did it every seconds, every minute; I became addicted that I do not love doing it with condom anymore. Within the period, I had 14 abortions for Andrew, and not only that, I cheated on him in several occasions, I felt doing it with other guys will give me better sensation but all were the same. My school teacher got me and at the end of the day I had 6 abortions for him. And worst among was my sexual affairs with my close relations, which resulted to 5 abortions. Then I felt I was at the top of the world. I will never forgive my friends who introduced me into partying and sleeping with old men with potbelly and rough skin only in the name of sex. Right now, all those men have gone, and then shadow of my past sexual life still follows me around. All this pills and tablets I took are now telling on my blood stream. At times I felt like committing suicide each time I remember what the doctor told me, “Tessy, I am sorry, your womb is automatically damaged on account of the several abortion you had”, “I’m sorry, you will never conceive again in your life, but just thank God, you don’t have HIV or AIDS”. I therefore, advise every young girl reading this piece today, to over look every fantasy towards sex. Sex is good but it has time. And that is in marriage. Keep yourself away from men. Make friends with those who mean good for your future. Source:




Hhahaha when i saw tthis i literally fell off my chair


My friend Aisha the cake architect makes these exquiste cakes and she also did my last birthday cakes, i was thinking of using one of her cakes for pic of the day but i thought against it and decided to make a full post, forget friendship Aisha's cakes are delicious, i dont like cakes like that so for me to talk about it, they are really lovely and i like the fact that she does unthinkable designs, sometimes i'm like babe how do you even come up with these, some are from her clients, others hers, so here are a few of them and be sure to contact her for any event whatsoever.
Name:Aisha ATTA Address:13 Bode Thomas street Surulere Lagos Phone nos: +234-1-291-2524, +234-1-291-2526 +234-81-3940-7530



Na God dey protect sombody oh! my friend said she gave her nieces and nephews 5 alive only to seen green particles in them and the kids had running tommy only for them to open it and find mould, to me it looked like a baby crocodile


O.D: What inspired the kukere song and what does kukere mean? Iyanya: Kukere means dont worry, its Efik,its like hakuna matata and my people inspired that song. I went back to Calabar and the popular dance was there so i just added a few spices to it and said you know what why not make a song for my people and just make sure that this is the official song for the dance and i put it on the map and i'm happy everyone loves it O.D: When you were going into the project fame competiition did you think you would win, or it was just a nothing spoil jor, let me go and try my luck? Iyanya: Yes some of the let me go and try my luck but then i always stay positive and try to look at the good side of things so it was a 50:50, so no matter how bad, challenging or hard theres always some positivity lurking and when i won for the whole night i was like if i'm dreaming let me not wake up because that moment changed everything, my life changed, i feel blessed, i am blessed! O.D: You are the toast of the industry, everyone wants you at their shows, weddings and events and that can be a lot of stress, how do you handle all that? Iyanya: I'm thankful, i really am to my fans, God, yes it can be a lot of stress but its something i love doing so i'm taking it one step at a time. Its been a long time comig, 4 years and finally a song that everyone loves. O.D: You are endowed with a lovely body and i know a lot ofgirls are justling for your attention, males fans too, how do you cope? Iyanya: I love my female fans and i respect my male fans, i try to stay cool, these people make me they are the reason why i'm here, if they dont tweet or talk or make noise about the song i wont be here, so as much as possible i try to stay humble, sweet and cool.
O.D:Categorize your music, because so far your singles have fallen into 3 categories, reggae, R&B and Afrobeats Iyanya:I am R& B basically, but at the same time i dont see anything wrong in trying other genres as long as you come out with great music at the end of the day, i tell people in the competition i did all 13 genres of music and i pulled it off by Gods grace,so what i'm doing is for those people that love me but love reggae or highlife or R & B theres something for everyone, so i'm being versatile at the same time delivering good music. Because i dont want people to hear a song and say "yea yea, thats Iyanya, i want them to be like wow, are you serious he did that!!! O.D: How do you feel when people interpret your work differently? Iyanya: I get those kind people, i tell people when your blessed your blessed,the fact that someone said your music is bad doesnt mean its bad,so when someone comes and says your music is bad i dont let it get to me because i know i've tried, i probably played every tune i send out to people who i know have been in the game longer than i have, artist, Dj's and i tell them "i need your sincerity, if this song is bad tell me its bad no sugar coating". This song kukere i had a lot of peple saying it was crap when i dropped it but now look at it, i get people on a daily telling me at first i thought this song was wack but now its a banger O.D: Whats the best worst thing about being an artist? Iyanya: I'll start with the best things, you get favors, people appreciate you in small and big ways everywhere and the worst part*in a sad tone* you cant do so many things anymore,you are a public figure, every small wrong becomes big and its just a whole lot of things that comes with it that breaks your heart, for instance someone says hi and you dont hear the person the next thing they say is oh! his proud and thats the part i dont really like but apart from that i'm still thankful. O.D: 4 things about you people dont know? Iyanya: People dont know i love food. people dont know i dont like sleeping at night, i love to sleep in the day, at night my eyes are wide open so if i tell you i'm sleeping at night i'm lying. people dont know i play the drums. i loveeee dogs, i had a dog but had to give him out because i was always on tour and he was home alone but anytime from now i'm getting a bulldog. O.D:Your 1st single "love truly" was it inspired by your girlfriend? Iyanya: Yes it was inspired by a girlfriend, to all those girls going out with someone and you dont believe in him, patience is key in relationships. I wrote love truly nfront of her on the bed. O.D:An album is in the works right, what and who do we expect? Iyanya: Like i said i'm trying different things and at the end deliver good music and i'm working with other artists for now i have Dammy Krane, May D, by Gods's grace i'll have 2face, Wande coal(my man). O.D: Is there anyone you owe your success to apart from God? Iyanya: Yes my late parents, they always prayed for me, i was going to school and doing music so they were happy i was able to combine both, my mum one day called me and knelt and prayed for me, Ubi Franklni, Ubi is like the drive, he gave me the push, he gives me the push there are so many things we'e achieved because of Ubi, every artist needs a manager like Ubi, when we started there was no money it was just talks, he told me i believe in you, you have talent lets work, Kelvin Orifa has been there for me, my godfather Bola Omodele,after project fame KC Presh, they gave me a place to stay, fed me, introduced me to people, theres my friend Neddy whose been there, a whole lot of people and i cant even mention all the names sef. O.D: As far as i know your not signed on to any record labels, anything in the works? Iyanya: For now its just me and my management "MADE MEN MANAGEMENT" O.D: Just for fun fill in the blanks Iyanya: Support music because: music rules the world In 5years i would be/want to be : a successful musician and father Music is: life Love is : God

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I fine sha,this was at the 2face concert.



I was just weak when i saw this, lol

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TOP 15 signs to know forces are following you from your village!!!

Lwkmd when I saw this thing on Like seriously, haha!!! 15. If you work in a company for 10 years, without promotion or raise in salary. 14. When you fail BOTH maths and english in WAEC. 13. If you slap a military man. 12. If your car spends more time at the mechanic than on the road. 11. If you are an ARSENAL fan. 10. When you are posted to maiduguri for NYSC. 9. When you are stuck in an elevator with a Boko Haram sucide bomber. 8. When you mistake super glue for eye drops. 7. If a world class photographer takes a photo of you, edits it 20 times and you still look FUGLY 6. When you upchuck pounded yam and egusi in church during a 3 day fasting and prayer session. 5. You sign as a defender for an European club and your first task is to mark Lionel Messi. 4. When you beat up a military man’s ONLY child. 3. When a rat eats ONLY your name out of all your original documents. 2. When your ONLY child, born after years of miscarraiges, joins the Nigerian Police force. 1. And the NumBAAH WAN sign to know forces are following you from yah villages is: You are a christian, and disguise yourself as muslim in the midst of Boko Haram, and your cell-phone goes off during muslim prayer time, with a “LET SAMBADI SAUT HALLELUYAH!!!” ringtone


I think this young man is major eye candy, choi *wipes sweat off forehead* and his sooooo cute too and that his "KUKERE" song is a tune for days.


I,m sure you heard about the Muna being rude to Mode 9 at the Nokia show and i'm very sure some of you follow abuse muna well well(chai Nigerians) i thought some of it were so unecessary but oh! well, she was rude, very i must say but now shes apologized and i think thats fair enough so you guys can chill


Jewellery pieces, ranging from Bracelet to Necklaces, hand-Crafted with the finest materials to guarantee Durability and Style. To view the full collection click on this link to redirect you to our page. Like our page before you place or orders. Place orders via phone Call Toye 08037234723, 07084060300.  pin:26867686
PS; guys they dont only sell shambalas oh! they have everything you want even if its Samuri sword, you just call the number and place and order for something. i'm loving my shambalas