Friday, 25 November 2011


This November the City Sleekers are back with another road block!(check my blog background)

"Big Bang Friday"

Date: Friday 25th Nov 2011
Time : 8pm till mama calls
Dress code: Grown and sexy
Music policy: ill...ill....ill
Venue: P Lounge, 6 St Finbarr's Road, Akoka
There will be FREE BBQ for all and FREE cocktails for ladies!!!

For guest list, table bookings and more enquiries pls call 07030030005 or add pin: 2177871F and follow us @pardisng

P.S. There'll be celebrity guests and paparazzi in d house...come prepared

I'm giving 5 people the all star treatment, vvip and things. so just leave your name here and send me a mail on and it will be vip all the way for you. Remember you must send me a mail so i know who you are, its the first 5people.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


You guys remember actress Ngozi Nwosu from Fuji house of commotion and numerous movies? well she has lost a lot of weight and took some pics to show off her new figure from exercise and working hard.

As usual Nigerians must have something to say, 1st i heard she had leukemia now she has another sickness, wo na them know i wish her well though.


I really do like this couple.

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This November the City Sleekers are back with another road block!

"Big Bang Friday"

Date: Friday 25th Nov 2011
Time : 8pm till mama calls
Dress code: Grown and sexy
Music policy: ill...ill....ill
Venue: P Lounge, 6 St Finbarr's Road, Akoka
There will be FREE BBQ for all and FREE cocktails for ladies!!!

It'll b a nite not to be nice and tell others

For guest list, table bookings and more enquiries pls call 07030030005 or add pin: 2177871F and follow us @pardisng

P.S. There'll be celebrity guests and paparazzi in d house...come prepared


This was on the set of a new movie “The Meeting“ set for release in 2012.
Rita Dominic makes her production debut as the co-producer along with Mildred Okwo who is also directing the movie.

I saw the picture and it was too hilarious,Rita plays the role of a terrible secretary. I'm looking forward to this because this is Rita playing out of her usual roles. so please watch out for the trailer here.

Monday, 21 November 2011


The truth is that after all this talk, the Nigerians that would buy the champagne would buy it so all this grammar of sheer madness is just grammar.

An advertisement of a champagne drink, costing £2,500 or N650,000 per a 1.5 liter bottle has sparked outrage in Lagos, with some people who read the advert, describing the price as 'sheer madness', in a country where more than 90 per cent of the people earn daily income of less than a dollar.

Critics of the exorbitant price of the Angel champagne brand said only those who have embezzled money can afford it.

As advertised, Angel comes in two different bottles, with the 750ml bottle selling for £1,200 pounds or N312,000.

We found that the Nigerian prices are about three times what the drink goes for, in all its various brand by its foreign producers. The black bottle of 750ml is sold for £380, while the 1.5litre bottle is sold for £640. The platinum bottle of 750ml goes for £562, while the platinum 1.5 liter variety goes for £777.

ANGEL champagne is produced by Stefano Zagni, a British entrepreneur, who argues on his website that the drink is meant for select people around the world. As revealed on the site, Angel is designed for the celebrities of Hollywood in the USA. The producers even parades more outrageously priced Jeroboam platinum bottle of 3 litres at £5,725, about N1.9million. The site also sells a champagne vintage brut magnum at £188,000, which is N49million in Nigeria's battered currency. And this is just for a 1.5 litre bottle.


LWKMD,all these soft sell magazines would not kill me


Hmmm Dbanj is a bigs boy oh! When your large, your large.
You know the Channel O awards held on the 11th of Nov and D banj was given a special recognition award.

According to the “gist”, D’banj arrived at the airport to head for South Africa for the awards and was surprised when he found out an economy class ticket had been booked for him so he refused to fly.

Well, Channel O has spoken and their account of events is different.
Below is the official word from Channel O.

“Channel O can confirm that Nigerian artist and Special Recognition winner D’Banj was booked to fly to this year’s awards in Business Class as are all winners in this category. Unfortunately, as a result of him missing two scheduled flights, it was no longer possible to accommodate him in Business Class and he was therefore unable to attend the event.“


You guys remember the Duncan mighty rolls Royce story i put up here a few days ago???? Well he says its not his that he only borrowed it for a video. I like how he came out to debunk the rumors.I guess he just added sharply did the no plate


Chairman and Publisher of The Guardian newspaper, and former Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Alex Ibru, passed away yesterday and the age of 66.

According to a statement by his newspaper The Guardian "Chairman, Publisher of The Guardian, Dr. Alexander Uruemu Ibru has passed on. He died at about 1.30p.m. on Sunday, November 20, in the course of an illness. He was 66. Burial arrangements will be announced soon by the family,”.


Sorry to all my ladies out there who still think they can be Mrs Naeto Chikwe, Nicole has already grabbed him. I hear they are planning on getting married in 2012 as they have already done the introduction. A big congrats to Mr & Mrs Chikwe.


WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO its that time of the year again, as my church HOUSE ON THE ROCK, brings another edition of the experience.
Join Kirk Franklin, Don Moen, Micah Stampley, Chevelle Franklyn and others for a night of unforgettable live music on Friday, December 2nd at the Expo Centre, Eko Hotel, Lagos.

Time: 2 December 5pm - 3 December 1am

Location:Expo Centre, Eko Hotel, Lagos


Praiz was the 2nd runner up at the MTN project fame contest and since the competition he hasn't rested on his oars as his songs "JEKALO", "A WOMAN'S NEED" and "I LOVE YOU" have stayed true to time.

The voice,his looks and most definitely his persona are some of the things that makes Mr Adejo someone to have fun with.I met up with him for an interview and we just jisted all the way, his so funny and I didn't stop laughing and It also adds up that he is a fine young man.

O.D: PRAIZ is this your real name or stage name?

Praiz: My real name is Praise Ugbede Adejo but I just altered the spelling for my career.

O.D: When you entered for the project fame competition, did you think you were going to win or it was just a let me try my luck thing?

Praiz: in the past I never made it round any of the auditions so I was a bit indifferent to this particular one, a friend actually was on my case to enter so I did and just figured let me try my luck again and here I am today. Though I didn't win I came out top 3 and I'm very proud of the success so far.

O.D: Life after project fame?

Praiz: Life after project fame has had its ups and downs, if you noticed I was quiet after the whole project fame show. I could do things because of the fame and others I couldn't do because of resources but I'm very glad things are looking up. I got signed on also this year to Xtreme music and its been good.

O.D: What inspired the "I love you song". Her,them?

Praiz:*Laughs* When I write songs I try to be as imaginative as possible,i write songs based on my experiences and things around me. I love you was composed based on indirect experience, a friend's love life, so I put myself in his shoes and birthed this song.

O.D: When and why did you decide to go into music full time?

Praiz: It has always been music for me,though I studied computer science in school I always knew I was going to do music,its a passion and really there's nothing better than doing what you love and getting paid for it.

O.D: Who or what was your inspiration growing up and why?

Praiz: As a kid it was always Micheal Jackson, I remember anytime I saw him on TV I'll run in with my black trousers, rolled up white socks and I had this hat back then I would always wear and start dancing like him.
On the Nigerian scene its 2 face,he has done so much and has been able to prove himself as a good musician and performer,i respect him.

O.D: How do you balance your music and other obligations(family, friends,me time)

Praiz: (He had to remove his cap to answer this question oh!) Its really crazy oh! But I thank God for the family and friends he has given me,I truly I'm blessed,they understand and I make sure I see them at the slightest chance I get. "Me time" hmmm! I watch tv,play games and basically chill.

O.D: Do you get nervous before a performance and how do you handle that?

Praiz: 2 things I pray and inhale then exhale.

O.D: The ideal Mrs Adejo?

Praiz: She has to be patient(I'm weird), smart, good resource manager,good dresser, fine(he says because by God's grace I no wowo, so madam gats represent), God fearing, basically she has to complement me.

O.D: 6 random things?(he could only give me 4)

Praiz: Anytime I'm angry or sad I listen to Terry G, it just makes me happy and I start dancing...

2. I'm a music producer, I don't shout about that aspect of me.

3. I love babies and I wish they'll just remain babies.

4.I play soccer very well

Basically I want to thank everyone that has supported my music and me, its been such an honor. Please keep supporting,God bless you.

Follow praiz on twitter @Praiz8


Saturday, 19 November 2011

NEW VIDEO:Banky W, eLDee & Tiwa Savage – Toast to the Good Life (Hennessy Artistry 2011)

YEEEAAA, 1 of my songs of the year and with some of my fav artist too.

From Enugu to Kaduna, Lagos to Asaba – Nigerian Idol hits TV screens December 4… NTA Network, AIT Network and others join the train

It began with a spectacular media launch on September 28, to unveil Season
II. On October 6, the audition train kicked off in Abuja; moving through
Port Harcourt and Enugu before a final berth in Lagos. Now with the
auditions over, Nigeria’s biggest music reality TV show Nigerian Idol is
set to hit TV screens from December 4 2011.

According to a statement from Optima Media Group, franchise owners for
Idols in Nigeria, it’s been a deluge of terrestrial and satellite channels
signing up. “Fans and music lovers will have the opportunity to follow
their favorite show again,” said Tiwa Medubi, Project Manager for
Nigerian Idol. “We have made sure that all over the country, people will
have the opportunity to watch Season II. It’s exciting to get this level
of enthusiasm from our broadcast partners and we can’t wait to hit the

NTA Network will air the show on Saturdays and Sundays from 1.30pm to
2.30pm and 4.00 to 5.00pm respectively;

AIT Network will also run the show on Saturdays and Sundays from 6.00 to
7.00pm on both days;

DBS TV Asaba from 6.30 to 7.30pm and 6.30 to 8.00pm respectively;

IMO TV from 10.00 to 11.30pm and 7.30 to 9.30pm.

The following stations will air the show Fridays and Sundays:
ESBS Enugu between 10.00 and 11.30pm;

DITV Kaduna from 3.30 to 5.00pm and 8.00 and 9.30pm;

DBN Lagos, 8.30 to 10.00pm and 5.30 to 7.00pm.

Superscreen Television will air the show on Saturday from 5.00 to 6.00pm
and on Monday for the same time.
“The great news though,” Ms. Medubi said, “is that this is just the
beginning. More broadcast stations are signing up, and we’ll be unveiling
them as they join the train. We meant it when we said it’s bigger and
better this year!”For more information, visit

Roll out the blue carpet! Nigerian Idol presents the Season II movie premiere.

On December 27, all roads will lead to the Genesis Deluxe Cinemas for an exclusive movie-premiere styled screening of the first episode of the continent’s biggest music reality show, Nigerian Idol, Season II.

The Nigerian Idol blue carpet will stretch out by 3pm at Genesis Deluxe Cinemas to welcome guests as they head into the cinema hall for a dramatic 90 minute premiere of the first episode of this season’s show.

The episode will show guests a special sneak preview of what Nigerians will see on the action packed music show from December to April. Yeka Onka, winner of the first season will also serenade guests at a cocktail party after the screening.

This premiere is strictly by invitation but you can get an opportunity to be one of the guests by for more details.

Nigerian Idol is brought to you by Etisalat in association with Pepsi and Sony. Its official airline partner is Air Nigeria. Nigerian Idol will begin airing on December 4 across the country.

Monday, 14 November 2011


Hey guys,how na, its been long oh! i know right, make una no vex oh! how na?
Anyways it was my birthday on Friday 11-11-11 and it was the best birthday ever, i can only thank God,my family and my good friends. I think everyone used my pic as their DP on bb sef, even friends friends i felt like such a star oh!

The prophecies i got on my life ehn, baba God just dey show himself and oh yea! my dad just declared I pad 2 throw way for me amongst other things... haha thank U papa, love ya. My mums gifts too ehn, chei i still dey open dem oh! the material I've always wanted, my fav perfume.

I remember writing a list of what i wanted in my God book and everything i wanted i got,God has just been to faithful, i dont have the pics yet oh! but i took some with my I pad.

I especially love my cake made by Aisha "the cake architect" she indeed is THE cake architect. Thanks for the love y'all,i shall be uploading the real pics soon.

PS; this birthday made me realize whats truly important in life, family and just a few friends no need for too much talk.

Monday, 7 November 2011


Meet Chicago born Reggie Brown, one of America's highest earning Obama impersonator, these Americans sha, nothing they wont turn to money making machine.


780MILLION NAIRA is what pays 133 government aides in Nigeria. I dont know what to say, do you know hw many schools are run down ,lets not even go there, the rads that kills everyday or the health care system that works like it doesnt. I really really hope for our country.

“Emergency Message For American Citizens (November 05, 2011)

The U.S. Mission in Nigeria issues the following emergency message for the attention of all U.S. citizens in Abuja, Nigeria.

Following the recent Boko Haram, aka Nigerian Taliban, attacks in Borno and Yobe State, the U.S. Embassy has received information that Boko Haram may plan to attack several locations and hotels in Abuja, Nigeria, during the Sallah holiday. Potential targets may include the Nicon Luxury, the Sheraton Hotel, and the Transcorp Hilton Hotel.

“All U.S. Government personnel have been instructed to avoid these locations, and previously scheduled events have been cancelled. American citizens should expect additional police and military checkpoints, additional security, and possible road blocks in Abuja for the foreseeable future.

“The U.S. government has no additional information regarding the timing of the possible attacks.

“The Embassy reminds U.S. citizens to exercise additional caution. Please maintain a high state of vigilance and personal awareness, particularly in and around Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, near Nigerian government facilities, diplomatic missions, large gathering places, hotels, markets and malls, and places of worship.

“We advise all U.S. citizens to review their personal security plans, remain aware of their surroundings, including local events, monitor local news stations for updates, and report specific incidences of targeted violence to the U.S. Embassy in Abuja or the U. S. Consulate General in Lagos at the numbers below. U.S. citizens should maintain a high level of vigilance and take appropriate steps to enhance their personal security. For additional information, please refer to "A Safe Trip Abroad.
“U.S. citizens who travel to or reside in Nigeria are strongly advised to enroll through the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). U.S. citizens without Internet access may enroll directly with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. By enrolling, you make it easier for the U.S. Embassy or Consulate to contact you in case of emergency.”

If you are in Abuja please be careful, pls.Only God knows what this Boko haram is doing.

Driving Investment and Growth! British Council to hold Creative Industry Expo on December 5 – 7

The British Council in Nigeria has announced the first edition of the Creative Industry Expo – a three event to deepen exchange and knowledge between creative businesses in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. The event holds at the Eko Hotels & Suites in Lagos on 5 – 7 December 2011.

“Our work focuses on creating opportunities especially through the wide resources available via a UK-Nigeria synergy,” said Olamipo Bello, who is Project Manager with the Council. “An opportunity for awareness, growth, development, trade and investment in the Nigerian Creative Industry. We have re-freshed our programmes targeted at that sector and this is the major beginning of a range of projects.”

The 3 day event covering a range of activities that will Present an opportunity for creative businesses in the UK and Nigeria to draw attention to the potential of the creative economy, through showcases that will encourage trade and investment; and Present opportunities for information exchange and networking between creative businesses in the UK and Nigeria, capacity building, access to services/ support in the creative industry and policy dialogue to support the growth of the Nigerian creative industry.

The expo will feature:

Exhibition Stands - access over 80 individuals/organisations from the UK and Nigeria offering a wide range of services and support

LIVE creative showcase - be inspired by exclusive film screenings, exhibitions, and performances

Conferences – Listen and participate as high profile speakers discuss the creative industry, its potential for growth and the key issues facing it.

Policy Dialogue - have your say as Nigerian government officials including leaders of regulatory agencies in the creative sector and their UK counterparts discuss and find solutions to the key issues facing the sector

Workshops - get advice from leading experts on Intellectual property, funding and other essential topics

Clinic Sessions - Meet one to one with a specialist advisor to discuss issues peculiar to your business

Meeting zone: participate in discussions or simply relax.

Speakers will include leading professionals in the various sectors of the creative industry in the UK and Nigeria, top officials from ministries and regulatory bodies and funding organisations. The full list of speakers is on the website

Participants will include government officials including leaders of regulatory agencies in the creative sector and their UK counterparts, UK and Nigerian Academics in creative industries Companies, organisations and individuals that operate in various creative industry sectors including but not limited to: Advertising, Architecture, Heritage and Museums, Crafts, Design, Designer Fashion, Film/Video, Photography, Software, Computer games, Electronic publishing, Publishing, Television and Radio.

To participate, register online at to showcase your creative business or participate in the workshop/conference sessions. Free websites to be developed for businesses registered as exhibitors on the expo website.

You can also get more information about Speakers, Registration and the Expo programme on or on Facebook and Twitter via CreativeExpoNG.


The closing date for entries for the Federal Government organised young entrepreneurs’ business competition, Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria, YouWiN! has been extended to Nov 18, 2011. This is sequel to an earlier extension of the age limit from 35 to 40.

The Project Coordinator, Dr. Olasupo Olusi attributes this new extension to clamor from various parts of Nigeria where government agencies, NGOs and numerous entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial organisations have been making representations to ensure young people from their domains are not left out. This would be the case, they claim, if there is no extension in the entry date.

“YouWiN! is a work in progress”, says Dr. Olusi in a statement made available to newsmen. “And considering that this is the first of a three-part project (billed to run once every three years), we are simply overwhelmed by the level of interest shown from all over the country for this inaugural edition. However, we are even more cognizant now of the fact that internet penetration as well as affordability is an issue with lots of young entrepreneurs. It is for this reason especially that we have had to acquiesce to the call for extending the deadline in order to accommodate those who may need more time to send in their entries”.

The statement also praised the ingenuity of the young Nigerian businessperson who in spite of obvious challenges in the environment is forging ahead to ensure the production and delivery of products and services to Nigerians wherever they live. “The role of the young entrepreneur in nation building cannot be over emphasised. They are the shoulder on which Nigeria’s future development rests. And it is for this purpose that the Federal Government has singled them out as a key group for support”.

It may be recalled that on October 11 this year, while launching the Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria YouWiN! project in Abuja, President Goodluck Jonathan had said that through the project, the Federal Government would financially Nigerian youths to enable them actualise their entrepreneurial ideas and plans. The president had said that the trickle-down effect of this assistance would see “these entrepreneurs create between 80,000 and 110,000 sustainable jobs over the next four years”



Things dey happen oh! i mustu release album oh and Donjazzy must be one of my producers and then i shall ft Duncan mighty,Dbanj,Flavor Nabania, see as all of them just dey declare.

Just last week D’Banj acquired a $200,000 2011 Aston Martin, Jim Iyke a Camero SS & Plymouth Prowler, Actress Obi Edozieh a 2011 Porsche Cayenne and now Duncan Mighty has taken it up several levels with his recent acquisition of a brand spanking new Rolls Royce Phantom. Yes o! and i hear starting price $325,000.

Things are really happening oh! i must declare soon

Toyosi Oni Youngest Nigerian Human Rights Activist Needs Your Votes

Oluwatoyosi (Toyosi) grew up in Nigeria, where she became aware of human rights before many young people. Aged 14, before moving to Britain, she founded her first charity; raising money for a local orphanage and educating girls who would otherwise have been sent to work in kitchens. She has also been involved in supporting those affected by the Haitian earthquake and Rwandan genocide.

Now, in Britain, Toyosi is her school’s ‘Deputy Head Girl in charge of Charities and Community Outreach’, and has organised fundraising events for various charities. She won ‘Best Business Woman, Cambridge’ in this year’s Young Enterprise competition. She has also organised ‘Hunger Lunches’, where schoolchildren forfeit their usual lunch for a bowl of soup and a morsel of bread.

Her charity work is about helping others, but is also part of Toyosi’s long-term goal of becoming a Human Rights Lawyer. Someday she dreams of becoming President of Nigeria, with a view to ending the injustice and hardship there.

Toyosi wants to continue to speak up for those without a voice. Winning the Ambition AXA Award would help her fund her own ambitions of changing the world.

Go to to vote for her

you can also follow her on her twitter handle @Toyosi_Oni

Sunday, 6 November 2011


"We are very sorry to announce that the annual alternative celebrity entertainment show "FACEOFF 2011" scheduled for the 6th of Nov, has been postponed to a later date.

PLAY CENTER ltd the brainchild of this show knows that this will be of great disappointment and inconvenience to many of you and for that we humbly apologize but not to worry a surprise awaits you!

We have poured our hearts and energy into the show’s creation and to honor that commitment we have decided to postpone to a later date this year

This decision allows us to stage the production in a more ground breaking manner thereby enabling us utilize the facility and the technical equipment to its fullest potential as tremendous creative energy that has gone into the set, costume, lighting, sound, graphics and the property design.

The production will also fit nicely into closing the year 2011 in a beautiful manner with all your favorite celebrities in tow".

Thank you for your cooperation.

Face Off 2011 was supposed to hold in Lagos today Sunday, November 6, 2011, where popular Nigerian entertainers would play against the Dodan Warriors. It was also announced that Mo’Hits C.E.O Don Jazzy and DJ Jimmy JATT were meant to be the celebrity coaches for this year’s edition.

The maiden edition of ‘Face Off’ was held on the November 1, 2008 at the Expo Hall of the Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos.

The last edition of ‘Face Off’ took place at the International Conference Centre, Abuja on October, 24, 2009. That year’s celebrity team included: eLDee, Basketmouth, Psquare, 2face, D’banj, Saucekid, M.I, Kel, Darey, Jay Jay Okocha, Jesse Jagz, Wande Coal, Kaffy and a whole lot of others celebs.