Wednesday, 19 February 2014


I need to clearly understand is marriage an achievement? you start dating someone, he proposes, you get married does that make you really happy? Is that the end/ beginning of your life.

I know someone that constantly puts up   "le boo", God saved the best for the last , my this/my that" and then just opens up that her man constantly beats her, talks down on her and what not" and i just remain speechless not because i have nothing to say but because i don't want to be seen as someone that says "i told you so". i haff talk tire.

I was reading something on 2 face a few days ago and i honestly don't believe it but then again i thought to myself "what if its true" baby no 8 abi is it 9? The first question i would ask though is this "Teniola" person that supposedly slept with him was she foolish as to not sleep with a condom, secondly why would 2 face even go outside again, like Annie just gave birth what more do you want, this is a woman who gave you her life practically and you just dey pansh around really? But lets ask Annie the inevitable *insert your question here* Please note i said i don't exactly think the story is true but these are random thoughts so.

Everyone wants to get married these days you wonder if there's a talent hunt lurking around and camera's would just come out, people after 4 months some 3 and bam like that( i'm not saying it doesn't happen but excuse me in our Nigeria today i would like to say "yeye dey smell"

Trust me i'm a sucker for love and all things relationship but with the way things are going now i just chilled oh! a girl cant shout, some men out there are wolves. If you don't meet someone that is manipulative with words and emotions, its one that is engaged or one that wants to live off you no job, no future ambition and telling you he will hold you down, hold you down with what exactly GRAVITY? biko take a sit

Ladies: love,marriage is a beautiful thing and i want it someday but sometimes we need to chill and take a few seats back, assess this person, be friends, take it one step at a time and please do not settle for an Ishmael simply because you think his your Isaac.

At a point and i wont even lie i wanted to be in a relationship at all cost, i just wanted to be with a man and i realized i ended up always settling for less and i had to ask God one day after my inner circle had really spoken to me on my need to chill and i prayed and cried to God asking him to help me love me wholly and trust me its an amazing feeling, sometimes you get lonely mehn but i just brush it up and a sister is back yo.

They say as long as you get to be "wifed up that's important" and i ask shey dandan ni(na by force) so because i want to be in a man"s house means i must begin to dey smell yansh", you high or something?

Then the issue of a "woman has to keep her home" she should brave it up and take it in/all men cheat"
 NO NOT ALL MEN CHEAT,so please shut up! why does the onus rest on women to always be the one to keep the home, didn't they both go into it together, it takes two to tango not one to constantly be trying to keep it and the other party being aloof. Men brace up abeg and accept responsibility

There are amazing men out there mehn, i know a few but please do you, don't rush and be claiming any man you see with no ring oh! take your time, what is yours is yours, your peace of mind is what you need above all not to be worrying has *insert name here* gone to fuck outside again and be killing yourself it is not that hard biko.

The kind of laughter that i don dey laugh since as i dey write this post ehn, me sef i was wondering. but really and truly ladies, you deserve the very best and good men deserve the very best too, so as you pray and commit you future into God's hand please use wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Tainz