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I love this sha,very creative and yummy too

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Asa has been shortlisted for the 2011 Victoires de la Musique (French Music Award) in the category of 'Best Female Act.' Other nominees in this category are : Cœur de Pirate, Françoise Hardy, Souad Massi, Yael Naim, Vanessa Paradis, Véronique Sanson, and Sylvie Vartan.

She is the only Nigerian nominated for this awards. Victoires de la musique (Music's Victories), is an annual French award ceremony that recognises the best singers of the year.



Chineke Jenifer Hudson has moved from a size 16 to a size 4...Mehn am getting my gym grind back on

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Funke Akindele doesnt look half bad in the haircut...Me likey


I AM NOT DATING MI-----WAJE Entertainment) had a chat with upcoming and phenomenal Songstress Aituaje Iruobe aka Waje and she told us why she hasn't dropped an album, clearing issues on jist making rounds that she is dating MI and a bit about herself.

HE:News has it that your dating MI, how true is that?

Waje: Laughing,its not true(still laughing)Ok i went to see MI because we had been talking about working together for a while, he played an instrumental for me and ONE NAIRA Was birthed and with the concept of the album "The movie" me being his girlfriend, we figured it would make a lot of sense. So it was just for the album,i and MI aren't dating.

HE:How do you manage being a single mum and an upcoming star?

Waje:Its not necessarily something i like to talk about,not for me but for her because she is still a child.I try my best to manage it,naturally God gave us motherly instincts and it has basically been with the strength of God and faith in myself.

HE:You have featured in quite a number of songs,do you just do every song or you select?

Waje: I definetly pick my features because my brand is special and sensitive.Basically because of DO ME people want to work with me and some of the songs that i have featured on have been done a while back they all came at almost the same time e.g One Naira, Jazz me.So its not like i just do everything i pick my songs and the songs are the ones i probably would not do on my album and for my fans to know how versatile i am.

HE:Your one of the very few artist that perform with a live band,how do you pull it off?

WAJE:Its not been easy and i just started using the live band and we havent worked together more than 6times.The thing is when people pay to watch you they dont just pay to hear you the CD,they want to be able to interact with you and the live band concept allows the opportunity to do that.But though we love music and entertaining people,its not easy tacking care of 10 people or more in a band.

HE:You have been in the industry for quite a while now,some say 10years and you havent produced an album,why?

Waje:Professionally i have been in the industry for 3years since DO ME with P square,unprofessionally i have been singing for a long time.I was signed to a record label though while i was in Enugu.Basically everyone has their own path, conviction and knowing what they stand for.If it was about releasing an album,i wold have gone into the studio,sang songs and released something in one month. My brand is sensitive and whatever i come out with has to be classic and get people wanting more and until i get satisfied i am not coming out with anything.But my fans should expect something in February.

HE:Classify your genre.

Waje:Though kolo is pop,i am an R&B artist,if you put me in other genres i would do well but R&B is my thing.

HE:Did you always know you were going to go into music?

Waje:Initially i couldnt decide,i remember when the CEO of Dome records came to meet me up to sign me,and i stupidly said God didnt give us our talents to make us money and its the bible that says the works of our hand will be blessed and take us forward.But now i am in music fully though i would set up a practice in social work and anthropology.

HE:Your names are Aituaje Iruobe,where did Waje come from?

Waje:Well i just put the W,i dey find name wey sweet na and WAJE is an acronym for WORDS AREN'T JUST ENOUGH and i formed that because i am music,music is me,i might want to say something and the words wont be enough so i add some melody to the words,so "WORDS AREN'T JUST ENOUGH".

HE:A bit about yourself?

Waje:I am dark skinned,my mum is igbo,my dad is from Sabongida Ora in Benin at one point in my family's life we moved to Enugu thats why i speak very good igbo.I like food(you know see my size)(she has a nice figure oh! dont mind her)I like watching movies though,sometimes i have mood swings,i might feel like going out for the next 2weeks and the next time i just want to sit in and watch a movie.


Remember we said we were going to update you about the ongoing rumor about Eddie Murphy's death,well hear it is.
Yes Eddie had and accident but no he is not dead,he is very fine...Thank God
So to whoever started the rumor may you live to see 2011..Amen!!!!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Rumor has it that Eddie Murphy is dead.. Not sure yet,we wold bring you information as it unfolds...


Am loving everything bout this..This is so me

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I have been to quite a number of restaurants and in my sojourn i have picked a few as my favorites and they are

DOUBLE FOUR:IN v/island off Idejo.

Browns(formerly known as Roberts cafe)0n Adeola Odeku)

Bungalows: Also on Adeola Odeku(best known for their Chips and Spare ribs)

The Sky bar of Eko hotel and suites

The picture i have here is "THE SING SING FISH" and "SPANISH CHICKEN" of Double four.



I love my daddy to shreds infact he is one of my favourite people and one of the most creative and intelligent people i have met,he always gives me ideas,he is the most dominant force in me starting my blog and my company HOMEMADE ENTERTAINMENT.But chai my dad is noted for another thing and that is talking,i dont know whether its because he is an advetising practitioner and used to go for presentations(so he is just used to talking).my daddy talks chai..
Let me give you a scenario:

ME:Daddy what is the name of this movie.

DADDY:Taking of pelham 123

ME:OK(and am going)

DADDY:It is a very good movie,it ponders on how the society wants to emancipate and dwell on the bad guy who has no incline what the dexterity of what he has caused the great people of new york and how it would affect the lives of the people and for generations to come,they would dwell on the consequences and it would in turn mar the younger generation.

And am like daddy*rolling my eyes* i only asked for the name of the movie not when the producer was born or the script writer thought to write about the movie.

Mr D you know i love you na*winks*

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Its Christmas in the air and there's love everywhere,its green, oh! its green.The ovation is loud and clear and the world comes out to cheer,its green oh! its green. You know that its green,you know thats it green*in Chydinma's voice*

Wooohooooo its that time again,its Christmas and such a wonderful time,so enjoy your chicken/turkey/meat/agege bread and ewa goin but most of give thanks to Almighty God for his love and faithfulness...
So from me( and HOMEMADE ENTERTAINMENT here's wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy happy new year in advance by Gods grace..

Love you all so much
PS:Dont drink and drive oh!!!!


Our first lady has done it again,This is what she said:

‎"My Husband, Dr Goodluck Jonathan and Sambo is a quiet people." *what is all this na*.
I personally feel education should be given the highest budget allocation in next year budget planning--


News was everywhere on Twitter yesterday indicating Tola Odunsi of Storm Records had been kidnapped.

We confirmed that this news is not true. Tola Odunsi is fine and was not kidnapped. A senior executive with Storm, who answered our query confirms that “Tola is in his house with his family,im dey sleep". He has not been kidnapped and we do not know where the story started from. He is currently involved with planning Shut Down Lagos Concert featuring Rick Ross”.

The Concert is a collaborative effort between Kilimanjaro Entertainment and Storm360. The show which holds on Monday the 27th December at the New Expo Centre of the Eko Hotel and Suites is billed to be headlined by Rick Ross and features Dr Sid, M.I Naeto C, Iceprince,YQ and Wizkid.

So to the MUMU that started it may you not be kidnapped!!!

Thursday, 23 December 2010


I can bet my life this is the sequel to "Meet the Fockers",i loved that movie and am so looking forward to this one..I can imagine some little babies running around the whole place,hehe,it says little Fockers!!!


I love these shoes,dont know what they are called but i love them sha(not d one with metals on them),if these are wedges,it don high pass cuz my wedges...I still love it sha
Image thanks to One Nigerian Boy


There was an uproar yesterday in Lagos as part of the famous shopping center in Onikan "CITY MALL" was gutted by fire.

City Mall Onikan is a worth millions of Nigeria and it is situated right beside the Lagos Museum and opposite MUSON center.

City Mall also houses such The Inspire Africa studio producers of the popular TV talk show, Moments with MO, Swe Bar and others.


I dont get this Lady Gaga ,i get she is making her own statements and doesnt seem to care what people think,but some things are to the extreme.How would you go out shopping with only a leather jacket and Fishnet tights??? Sister Gaga you have quite a number of youngsters looking up to you

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Ok am not such a power dresser,sometimes i cant even be bothered,i prefer my jeans/shorts with a nice top and am good to go,but i never leave the house without a lovely bag.Enough of me,i dont get it sometimes the way some girls girls,let me paint a scenario
Its the fun turf soccer fiesta(A SPORTING EVENT OH!) and you see girls clad in dresses and 6inch high heels and i am reeling with laughter and wondering if you didnt check the mirror before you left or you didnt get what the event was about.

0r a beach party where everyone is clad in shorts and a nice tank top and yo will come in some heels,maybe your shoe never hook for sand thats why,or even a wedding and yo decide to wear shorts and a top(howfar???) u basically don dey MADT!!!
Basically i feel we should dress for the occasion, as the say "dressed as you want to be addressed"

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


I absolutely love this song and the video,its different from the rest and Weird MC features Switch.The video was directed by Clarence Peters and has appearances by Gbenga Adeyinka, Koffi, Yinka Davies, Pasuma etc…
All i can say is Jehovah help me make this money oh!!!



Bobby V aka Mr there's just something about you i like(formerly known as Bobby Valentino) releases the new video to his new single “Words”. His new album “Fly On The Wall” is scheduled to be released next year on Valentine’s Day

Read more: Necole


Ex big brother Africa housemate Ofunneka got married over the week 10/12/2010 and 11/12/2010 to be precise.She got married to her heartbeat(lwkmd) Mr Anyanwu.Homemade Entertainment wishes them a happy married life and Gods blessings always.
PS:the girl in blue in the fourth picture looks like Shuti(Sheila) of the just concluded Big brother


Veteran US broadcaster Uncle Larry King has presented the final edition of his long-running CNN talk show after 25 years with the cable news channel.

The 77-year-old fought back tears as he told his audience: "Thank you, and instead of Goodbye, how about So Long?"

President Barack Obama paid tribute to the star in a taped message, in which he said his show had "opened our eyes to the world beyond our living rooms".

Larry King Live has ended after more than 6,000 shows and 50,000 interviews.

Former tabloid editor and talent show judge Piers Morgan will take over his coveted time slot in January.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared to announce he had made 16 December "Larry King Day" in his state,(lwkmd)thats such a lovely thing,but in Naija let Agatha Amata say she is quitting inside out(people would even be happy),or Gbenga Adewusi,everybody go just dey jump

Monday, 20 December 2010


I am sorry to say,infact i am not, What the hell how can the president of a country keep people in traffic for over 3hrs? As am writing,Jonathan is in Eko hotel and suites sitting down in some Mtn conference and has blocked the whole road with his stupid mopol and the whole road of Eko hotel is free.How can you do that to thousand of Nigerians,its just wrong,so so wrong that you keep people in a standstill because your the president.This man isnt using his name right at all.Am going to put up some pics.Everyone has switched off their engines and are just coming out and jisting...The pictures are a bit blurry but here is what traffic looks like.Thats how the other day people couldnt travel because Jonathan was traveling and he hadn't even come to the airport. If PDP thinks they would win elections in Lagos in 2011,they are on a jonzing P!!!!


Lil Kim hit up Hot 97(in the states) last week Friday and spoke with Angie Martinez. The bulk of her time was spent on her ongoing beef with Nicki Minaj, her issues with Diddy and thoughts on Faith Evans. She did reveal she would do a collaboration with Nicki Minaj for the right price… in the tune of 7 million.(am sure she would still do it for less,she just wan talk price)

She said "In this industry what I’ve learned is that you never know and that’s that I’ve learned in this industry, you just don’t pick fights. You don’t pick fights with Kimmy Blanco cause I’m not taking my foot off her neck.Now I would do a song with her for the right price. I’m a hustler….Seven million a song and it’s going to be on my album. They have to pay me to be on my album."


I think this is just beautiful,Omotola at the Heart of Gold hospice in Lagos


It's easy to knock David Beckham,It's also easy to be nice about him and It's easy to go over the top about him whether supporting or attacking him.
I should know, i am fighting lots of people in writing this article in the hope that I can make it an objective, balanced piece.
It is not easy because Beckham is a player who has always had deep feelings within football fans and I am no different.
When it comes to a moment like this it is also easy to forget the great things he has done, the great moments he has provided us all with and simply remember the less enjoyable, more recent, times.
Basically, however, I am bitterly disappointed with his decision to take the highest paid early retirement in the history of the world.
This had been coming ever since last years' World Cup. Real Madrid obviously didn't want him anymore and Beckham was faced with a huge decision. Did he accept the biggest challenge of his career by trying to prove himself all over again in England just as his powers were undoubtedly starting to wane or did he accept a less taxing, and vastly better paid, environment over the pond.
I suppose his choice was obvious, although to the last I was hoping he would take the other one.
Okay the money's incredible, absolutely truth in fact, but he's already made enough to allow Victoria all the plastic surgery she could ever want and still have change left over to have his three children cloned .
He is that rich.


(FROM LEFT) Mrs Kayode Fayemi(Ekiti's 1st lady, Dep gov Ekiti state Funmi Olayinka,Olusegun Mimiko, Governor Ekiti state Kayode Fayemi
The beautiful deputy governor of Ekiti State, Mrs funmi Olayinka has declared her asset (including those jointly owned by her husband) at the Registry of the State High Court, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State. She declared a total asset of N1.2 Billion and this includes cash in local and foreign banks, three buildings in Opebi Ikeja, 4 bedroom duplex in Victoria Island, 2 buildings in Ikoyi and a landed property in Ogun State.

Also Governor Kayode Fayemi declared that his total worth as at the time of taking office is N750 Million*coughing*. According to his asset declaration form, Fayemi submitted that he has N27 million Naira (in cash with local and foreign banks), He also stated that he has three buildings in Ibadan, eight houses in Isan Ekiti(for what)???,three bedroom duplex in London and another four bedroom duplex in Atlanta Georgia in United States of America. He also has a six bedroom detached house in Ghana, undeveloped land in Lekki and Ghana.

Fayemi says that his eight buildings in his home town of Isan Ekiti is valued at 120 million Naira. But some people have been quick to ask, how much is land in Ekiti and what kind of building were erected on it to make it worth 120 million? Am wondering also how a Six bedroom detached house in East Legon in Ghana according to Fayemi is worth $650,000 while the one he also declared as Four Bedroom duplex in Atlanta Georgia is worth $250,000? It might be sha*now coughing*


God is sooooo faithful,Sharon Omolayo has been found in Ifo,Ogun state exactly a week after she went missing.I just confirmed from her aunt. This goes go to show that united we stand,divided we fall and that there is nothing prayers cant do.


These songs have certainly made our year and they are in no particular order. If you dont agree with us leave a comment with your list.

1.Represent-MI and the choc boys

2.Jazz me-Dj Zeez ft Waje.

3.Oleku-Ice prince.


5.Scape goat-Dbanj

6.10/10-Naeto c.

7.Like a bottle-Hennessy all stars.

8.Wetin dey-Jesse Jagz.

9.Fi mi le-Kas

10.Christmas is green-Ovation all stars

11.So inspired-Waje ft Muna

12.Only me-2face.

13.Yori yori rmx-Bracket ft 2face.

14.Overkilling rmx-Djinee

15.Kele kele-Tiwa Savage

16. One naira-Mi ft Waje

17.Jupa-J martins ft Fally Ipupa.

18.Be my man-Asa


Its so amazing sometimes how we all take life for granted or sometimes are UN appreciative. Yesterday was Annual thanksgiving in my church(HOUSE ON THE ROCK) and some people came up to share their testimonies,i am going to give a few here;

A woman came up and said how she had cancer for 5years and didn't know until about a year ago nd she went for treatment and its gone and she knows it wont come back.

Another guy came in crutches and said that on his way back from an office assignment robbers attacked him and the driver,they shot the driver in the head and the driver didn't feel the impact and ran to the road where he was taken down by an oncoming car and he the testifier was shot in the hip and how he survived was a miracle and the cro
crutches are going to be taken off soon.

Another woman came up and said she entered a bus that had no brakes and the driver didnt say anything,after a while as they were going the driver said everybody should stop and get down because there were all complaining about the 100 fare,she said God was telling her to but she didnt because she wanted to get to her destination,so they kept going with everybody back on,only for them to get to 3rd Mainland bridge and the driver was really speeding and people were telling him to use the brake but he didnt answer because he didnt have any,only for them to get to a part of the bridge and two area boys were standing ,1 seeing the bus coming like that moved but the other one stayed there and he was crushed alongside another bus,the next thing she could remember was that she was in the hospital and how she came out unscarred,no internal bleeding was just the handwork of God.
These are just a few of the testimonies,i am just so grateful to God that through everything he has kept me,my family and my friends.No accidents,no armed robbery attacks,even through the recession he has give us hope and blesses us everyday with the gift of life.I am truly grateful Lord,thank you for your faithfulness,love and kindness over the years..Indeed there is no one like you!!!


I really love this song and the way Eric sang it makes me have goosebumps,its such a beautiful song and Tosin martins and Eric did justice to it(the igbo haccent still dey dia sha)


I really like the Fela incorporation that Tosin put on this video very nice and the last part when he said *sho,sho sho,sho, sho,Aisan Bale(sickness bows down),poverty Bale*..Very nice


Golden necklaces are seen among the other decorations adorning a Christmas tree which has been decked out with 11 million U.S. dollars worth of gold, at the Emirates Palace hotel, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The hotel's general manager, Hans Olbertz, was quoted in local newspapers as saying the 43-foot (13-meter) faux fir has 131 ornaments that include gold and precious stones including diamonds and sapphires.
I dont understand the idea behind the tree,yes it the Xmas season and everyone is in a joyous mood but why put Jewelry worth that amount on a tree, an ordinary igi. It doesn't make sense,but i guess when you have too much money,yo can do anything.


My friend sent this to me,so i figured i would put in on here..lwkmd

"I cant believe this,he deleted me from his BB,i cant reach him on his phone,he removed me from his friend list on facebook,twitter and has moved houses.All i asked was for a Christmas gift oh! just:

Brazilian hair-85k

Gucci bag-125k

Louis Vuitton wallet-40k

DKNY wristwatch-75k

Prada shoes-55k

Aldo sandals-25k

Victoria Beckham jean;50k

Mac powder-15k

Bis ohhh-common 3k

Infinity FX 35;just a couple of millions"(about 2Million)
Everything totalling up to N2,473,000(IN WORDS,TWO MILLION, FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY THREE THOUSAND NAIRA) lets just say 2.5mil cuz the babe forgot to ask for driver and fuel money

He is supposed to meet my parents over Christmas so we can discuss how to pay my dowry.

Geez*rolling eye smiley inserted*
Wonder what went wrong*now thinking*

Foolish babe all this one is small na,you would have said they should buy you private jet,then Bugatti,pls an Island...lwkmd


Nigeria's next super model is now accepting applications for 2011,so if you are a model be it lepa,orobo or in the middle,,here is an opportunity of a lifetime,grab your forms now*in Nollywood advert voice*


As women it is very essential that we have some things in our bags,when i see some of my friends with toothpicks or even a fork in their bags,am wondering why???? Anyways i learnt my lesson the hard way,i was in church when my nose started doing "yimu yimu", and i said nothing jo,just one of those things,until i started sneezing uncontrollably,i asked my neighbor do you have tissue and the babe said no,choi! hembarrasment and the church was full and Pastor Paul was preaching,when i saw that it could be taken anymore i gats stand up and hanswer the call of the nose
OK,OK,OK long story,its just advisable that you have these essentials in your bag


Spare slippers(flats)

Pashmina(in case your dress do u strong thing)

Lip gloss(comes in very handy)



Rubber band or a hair packer

Hair brush/small comb

Chewing gum(sometimes the mouth can give ha hoffensive smell)

Hand cream

Pepper spray

At least N1000,tucked somewhere in your bag

A small note book and a pen(very important)
These are what would start entering my Omalicha Ghana must go(that means my fine big bag).If you know any other item(s) that should be up let me know..xox


Nigerians producers and directors are really stepping up their game,the movies i am seeing of late are making a whole lot of sense...Big thumbs up to the sensible producers and directors.
Aside's that private storm looks really interesting and has major actors and actresses starring in it.Looking forward to its realease

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Here's wishing the only MC with an MSc a super duper birthday,Gods blessings and more accolades...Amen


Not saying much

Thursday, 16 December 2010


Just Before Christmas and Deola Sagoe are pulling off something unique this weekend and you gotta be there! Celebrating excellence in music and Fashion in an autograph signing session with Deola Sagoe (Jeans and Polo) and MI (over 500 copies of MI2). There’ll also be special appearances by Nneka and Waje.
Date: Sunday 19 December 2010
Time: 2PM
Venue: Deola Sagoe Flagship Store, 292F Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

ReelLaif Entertainment and Julius D’Genius Agwu presents "Crack ur ribs" the 10th edition
Date: Sunday 19 December 2010
Time: 5PM to 8PM
Venue: The New Expo Centre, Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos
Tickets: N5,000 (Regular), N20,000(VIP), N300,000 (Table)



Image credit to Musings of a Caramel Latte Addict


Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Balogun, popularly known as Alhaji Agba or Barrister is dead. Sources say he died few hours ago at St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London. The 62 year old Fuji veteran is the creator of the popularly Yoruba traditional music genre known as fuji. He has performed as a Fuji proponent for over 50 years since 1958.

May his soul rest in peace.


Wow this year has been so awesome,i remember setting a target that i wanted to get 10,000views since i installed the hit counter on the 30th of September and not only have we gotten it but we have surpassed it,and am so grateful to God. So in that line we are giving away juicy stuff which include:








All yo have to do is to get 5 of your friends to follow us on,the site, twitter @HOMEMADEENT and also on Facebook,and get down their names when you do that call me on 08079242057. We already know the people following us...Get your game on(WE HOPE TO GET 100 FOLLOWERS ON THE SITE IN THE NEXT 2HRS

its first come first serve