Wednesday, 22 August 2012


I just have to commend 360 delivery on excellent service, the fact that they get my orders to the letter, pick it up and deliver to me in reasonable time is just #gbam.

 A very BIG SHOUT OUT TO JENNIFER, she said" you dont blog again, i read your blog all the time and i checked it this morning(2weeks ago) there was still nothing", people like you hun make us keep going, God bless you.

So for any and everything you want picked up and delivered just call them on 0810-500-4000 or add them on 2997945D


So i'm sure you guys have heard of funmi the girl with shoulder cancer, Funmi Lawal is a 2011 UNILAG law graduate/Queens College 2005. She was recently diagnosed with malignant sacorma, a kind of cancer at the shoulder region. The cancer has become so extensive that it might affect other parts of the body if surgery is not done as soon as possible. It could cost her not just her hand but her life. 

Funmi needs N4million for surgery ASAP
Please send your help to her Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) Account:

Acct number : 0002855164.

Funmi’s phone numbers are: 08096617172, 08055892528

                                   Her brother Jide lawal can be contacted on      08052114174 

Don jazzy out of his good will gave 2million and didnt even announce it, it sha finally came out through linda's blog and some ewures(permit my english) said why should he be making noise about it and i'm like indeed we Nigerians are the cause of our own problems, he gave money, he has helped reduce the burden, you didnt give anything and your running your mouth like you have diarrhea.

Pls if you dont have to give, pray for her if not i advise you zip up your beak and move on. I'm taking this very personal because Nigerians feel people always have motives for doing things, NO NO NO! cant people just help, GOSH!


I'm sure you've caught on the buzz of the hiphop world awards 2012 also known as THE HEADIES, well this year promises to be the show of all shows as it "STEPS INTO THE SPOTLIGHT" and the hosts are one of the hottest in the music industry none other than Omawumi "Ms bottom belle" and Mr Incredible MI.


They are such a cute couple and i cant stop goshing anytime i see them, and the wife recently gave birth to twins, extra adorable.


Some Italian artist drew this potrait of me, i love it!


So i heard this story and thought to share with una and seek your thoughts/opinions.

A guy was dating this girl for 6 years and in those 6years the babe said she didnt want to have sex and the guy agreed he figured "i'll be married to her for the rest of my life so" alas he was wrong, they got married and two weeks into the marriage still no show, what should he do?

I suggested he take her for delivrance, secondly she might have been raped or something so is scared, maybe she needs guidance, healing and talking to and through but i'm wondering for 6 whole years didnt they have some form of intimacy because i cant understand, what do you think?


hehe i'm sure you guys are saying "you this girl ehn" how una dey, whats been happening, klon bobiloz? i've used style to clear all the cobwebs oh!