Wednesday, 16 May 2012


O.D: What inspired the kukere song and what does kukere mean? Iyanya: Kukere means dont worry, its Efik,its like hakuna matata and my people inspired that song. I went back to Calabar and the popular dance was there so i just added a few spices to it and said you know what why not make a song for my people and just make sure that this is the official song for the dance and i put it on the map and i'm happy everyone loves it O.D: When you were going into the project fame competiition did you think you would win, or it was just a nothing spoil jor, let me go and try my luck? Iyanya: Yes some of the let me go and try my luck but then i always stay positive and try to look at the good side of things so it was a 50:50, so no matter how bad, challenging or hard theres always some positivity lurking and when i won for the whole night i was like if i'm dreaming let me not wake up because that moment changed everything, my life changed, i feel blessed, i am blessed! O.D: You are the toast of the industry, everyone wants you at their shows, weddings and events and that can be a lot of stress, how do you handle all that? Iyanya: I'm thankful, i really am to my fans, God, yes it can be a lot of stress but its something i love doing so i'm taking it one step at a time. Its been a long time comig, 4 years and finally a song that everyone loves. O.D: You are endowed with a lovely body and i know a lot ofgirls are justling for your attention, males fans too, how do you cope? Iyanya: I love my female fans and i respect my male fans, i try to stay cool, these people make me they are the reason why i'm here, if they dont tweet or talk or make noise about the song i wont be here, so as much as possible i try to stay humble, sweet and cool.
O.D:Categorize your music, because so far your singles have fallen into 3 categories, reggae, R&B and Afrobeats Iyanya:I am R& B basically, but at the same time i dont see anything wrong in trying other genres as long as you come out with great music at the end of the day, i tell people in the competition i did all 13 genres of music and i pulled it off by Gods grace,so what i'm doing is for those people that love me but love reggae or highlife or R & B theres something for everyone, so i'm being versatile at the same time delivering good music. Because i dont want people to hear a song and say "yea yea, thats Iyanya, i want them to be like wow, are you serious he did that!!! O.D: How do you feel when people interpret your work differently? Iyanya: I get those kind people, i tell people when your blessed your blessed,the fact that someone said your music is bad doesnt mean its bad,so when someone comes and says your music is bad i dont let it get to me because i know i've tried, i probably played every tune i send out to people who i know have been in the game longer than i have, artist, Dj's and i tell them "i need your sincerity, if this song is bad tell me its bad no sugar coating". This song kukere i had a lot of peple saying it was crap when i dropped it but now look at it, i get people on a daily telling me at first i thought this song was wack but now its a banger O.D: Whats the best worst thing about being an artist? Iyanya: I'll start with the best things, you get favors, people appreciate you in small and big ways everywhere and the worst part*in a sad tone* you cant do so many things anymore,you are a public figure, every small wrong becomes big and its just a whole lot of things that comes with it that breaks your heart, for instance someone says hi and you dont hear the person the next thing they say is oh! his proud and thats the part i dont really like but apart from that i'm still thankful. O.D: 4 things about you people dont know? Iyanya: People dont know i love food. people dont know i dont like sleeping at night, i love to sleep in the day, at night my eyes are wide open so if i tell you i'm sleeping at night i'm lying. people dont know i play the drums. i loveeee dogs, i had a dog but had to give him out because i was always on tour and he was home alone but anytime from now i'm getting a bulldog. O.D:Your 1st single "love truly" was it inspired by your girlfriend? Iyanya: Yes it was inspired by a girlfriend, to all those girls going out with someone and you dont believe in him, patience is key in relationships. I wrote love truly nfront of her on the bed. O.D:An album is in the works right, what and who do we expect? Iyanya: Like i said i'm trying different things and at the end deliver good music and i'm working with other artists for now i have Dammy Krane, May D, by Gods's grace i'll have 2face, Wande coal(my man). O.D: Is there anyone you owe your success to apart from God? Iyanya: Yes my late parents, they always prayed for me, i was going to school and doing music so they were happy i was able to combine both, my mum one day called me and knelt and prayed for me, Ubi Franklni, Ubi is like the drive, he gave me the push, he gives me the push there are so many things we'e achieved because of Ubi, every artist needs a manager like Ubi, when we started there was no money it was just talks, he told me i believe in you, you have talent lets work, Kelvin Orifa has been there for me, my godfather Bola Omodele,after project fame KC Presh, they gave me a place to stay, fed me, introduced me to people, theres my friend Neddy whose been there, a whole lot of people and i cant even mention all the names sef. O.D: As far as i know your not signed on to any record labels, anything in the works? Iyanya: For now its just me and my management "MADE MEN MANAGEMENT" O.D: Just for fun fill in the blanks Iyanya: Support music because: music rules the world In 5years i would be/want to be : a successful musician and father Music is: life Love is : God


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i love kukere! i am from and live in Jamaica and its first of its kind to see and here this kind of music! great! i would love to contact u.

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