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Mrs Idibia

Love her dress


She looks every inch a star

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Arent they lovely?

Thursday, 14 June 2012


I really dont understand what this world is turning into, how a four year old can handle a gun and did he think it was a toy or what!!! and what type of stupid anger abi demon entered him. A four-year-old Saudi boy shot his father with his own pistol after he refused to buy his son a PlayStation. News24 reported that, according to Asharq, a Saudi daily, the angry boy asked his father to buy the gaming console for him, but the man arrived home without it. The son took the father's pistol off the table and shot him in the head. The father had put his pistol on the table as he was getting undressed.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Thats how i was in the office and i got a delivery from SAY CHEESE CAKES and their CEO Aisha, they are one of the best cake makers in this Lagos, try them and thank me later And i got free hair oh! COURTSEY TOLU HAIR VENTURES!!! THANKS BOO, for your peruvuan, indian, brazilian hair just contact her on 0807-6300-029


Call for entries for the headies 2012 is open. REQUIREMENTS 1.3 AUDIO CD'S 2. 4 DVD'S 3.1 MINI DV TAPE 4. SOFT COPIES OF ARTISTE PROFILE AND POTRAIT PICTURE Artistes are required to submit the mentioned materials at the Awards’ secretariat; No. 4, Ogundana Street, off Allen Avenue, Ikeja – Lagos. Note that only music materials released from March 2011 to February 2012 will qualify for entry. The process opened June 4 and ends June 30, 2012.

Friday, 8 June 2012


"Sin (fornication) saved His Life from the Dana air crash" as they said. His wife dropped him at the airport in Abuja to Board Dana airline claiming to go to Lagos. A few minutes later he pinged his wife claiming he is boarding & later switched off his phone. He turned back to sleep in his mistress' house there in Abuja and never actually boarded. After the crash, the wife and the whole family were already crying and thinking of going to Lagos to claim his body. He appeared and gave this confession. As the wife, what next. omo which kain question is what will you do, i will forgive him na, go and thank the mistress(jokes) and warn her make she no try am again oh ehn! life saving something


Ps: blogger doesn't space out my posts and I don't know why,its very irritating, and I've tried everything I know but nothing seems to be working. Pls if you know how this can be rectified let me know oh! Biko TO THE BUSINESS OF THE DAY!!!! Oya Yeni pakurumo ko jo dada. My blog is TWO today and I'm uber excited, wow two years, thank God. Two years don waka, I still dey carry go!!!! Its been a very wonderful journey, made friends(some I haven't even met) and they have stayed true to me and the blog providing their love, support, time, encouragement, criticism, comments and RT's hehe Thank you to LG (my booest boo), lolade onilenla, excited jade, simply mee( she prayed with me,gave me advice, commented all the time, my friend,my small mumy), Dynamique prof, sisi yemi, Detola crystals, Lamalizle, Funke Agbaje, Omalicha barbie, Zaine,Michael( who gave me some breaking news, remember that one na),Femi fams(my goon), Ariyo(my special somborri), KVC,Aunty loly(my small chops provider) hehe,Djinee,Kunle, Disun,Linda ikeji, my ex Dami-he actually always encouraged me. My Mum who caught on the blog later and became my no 1 supplier of pics, there was no show I didn't get ticket for and no it wasn't vip ticket oh! Vvip all the way, my mama 70! Mama toh sure!!! She would say "come oh! Yeni don't you want this pic? chei we have to make this blog a "breaker of exclusive pictures" haha Thank you mama for it all, I love you. MY DADDY: To my no 1 supporter the person that made me start blogging that faithful day, June 8th 2010 and this was after he had talked and in my mind I said "wo blogging ko, leave me na" but he was persistent and I must say his persistence paid off. He sat up and thought of my company name "HOMEMADE ENTERTAINMET", he would go on the internet outsource jist for me, send me pictures, he majorly gave me my comments, he would leave his own thing and be doing my own, I don't thank him enough,but God knows I love him.. He was the one that pushed me in my quest for this entertainment industry and hasn't stopped, he showed me how to be determined, strong, he paved the way for me,I know God will bless you for your efforts on me. And to everyone one else that in one way or the other helped the blog grow, God bless and increase you abundantly. Love you guys..... Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld from Glo Mobile.Delete ReplyReply ForwardSpamMovePrint Actions NextPrevious

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HEADIES 2012: CALL FOR ENTRY The Headies secretariat is now open to receive entries of music materials for nomination at the 2012 edition of the prestigious music award. Entry requirements for nomination are • 3 Audio CDs • 4 DVDs • 1 Mini DV tape • Soft copies of Artiste’s profile and portrait picture. Entry starts 4th of June and ends 30th of June. Headies secretariat is located at No. 4, Ogundana Street, off Allen, Ikeja – Lagos. Only music materials released between March 2011 and January February 2012 qualify for entry. The Headies Step into the Spotlight


SO yaaaaay i got my dream job with Smooth promotions, publishers of the Hiphop world magazine and organizers of the Hiphop world Awards also known as "THE HEADIES", and i'm the logistics directior, i'm uber excited as i get to work with them on this project, a huge priviledge and opportunity and i dey utilize am well. But mehn as its looking i wont be able to blog often at all, trust me its a lot of work, so i'm officially letting you people know oh! so that someone wont come and tasi me that i havent been blogging regularly. awon aye *side eye* Anyways the blog anniversary is on the 8th of June thats this Friday and its going to be 2, yaaaay!!! thanks to my dad who encouraged me all the way. So send your msgs and prayers oh! i go need am, I want to sleep for 30mins or an hour now, been up since 1:10 creating production schedule. So heres wishing my blog a happy birthday in advance, more grace, adverts and to me the blogger God's grace and guidance, thank you guys so much for always reading, dropping your comments and encouragement, only God can bless you and he wil, AMEN!!!!


Its so sad the way there just gross mismanagement for human life, the Dana crash is not news anymore but the question that will be on my mind for a long time is why on earth would you fly a plane that has been declared faulty by maintenance staff? so that means that when they said the flight is delayed due to operational faults, one mechanic was joining 2 wires that didnt make sense together,abi i dont get? Human lives, people had itinerays for the next day, meetings planned, some where going back to America, a whole family wiped simply because DANA AIR couldnt be bothered! Did they just think they could manage it for 45mins? you know how in one second your whole life can change how much more 45mins, and i'm even more shocked because the pilot is American normally these are the ones that woukd make sure everything is prim and proper and you just flew a plane because they forced you to, was a gun put to your head or what? The main fact is DANA AIRLINES KILLED THOSE PASSENGERS,NO MORE! and should be shut down pls, this was the same plane that reportedly had faults some weeks ago now this. This country ehn, you go by road tanker explode, you go by air plane crash, your in church/mosque boko haram would come and bomb, your in your house plane would just enter inside fiam. Na only God dey protect somebody, i'm still in shock, the ids that lost their parents, mothers, fathers, kids that died, its really sad something that could be averted. May God help us We need to actually put works behind our prayers in this country, the bible says it "faith without works is dead", we cant just pray and go back and sleep, we need to get up and take action, forget the govt we as individuals can start in our own little way, be the change you want to see, as they say tiny drops of water make an ocean, we cant keep going on like this, we cant!!!!! i haff just tire to talk mehn, o su mi