Friday, 30 September 2011

Akhwat Akwop - Christian extremist group threatens retaliation against Boko Haram !!

Hmmmmm christains have vexed oh! as a new christian group Akhwat Akwop springs up.
Akhwat Akwop is a new Christian terror group in the North formed apparently to counter the activities of the Notorious Boko Haram sect and has sent warning signals to five Islamist countries alleged to be sponsors and supporters of Boko Haram.

Akhwat Akwop claimed that Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Islamic Republic of Iran, Syria and Mauritania warning that it will attack the interest and Nationals of these Countries.

The group made their position known to the media yesterday in Kaduna, Abuja and Lagos. The group also sounded a wake up call to Christians all over the country stressing that Boko Haram’s activities is political and a ploy to intimidate President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and other stake holders to enable Hausa/Fulani seize power in 2015 and added that Political power must return to the old eastern region after Jonathan in 2015.

Akhwat Akwop came into the security radar about two months ago when it started dropping leaflets with its inscriptions in some part of the north, including Adamawa,Bauchi, Benue ,Borno,Kogi,Nasarawa , Taraba, Plateau and Yobe states, warning that it would do everything within its power to liberate the northern minorities from the strangle- hold of Hausa/Fulani. Who it stated has been oppressing them in the name of Islam in the north.

The leaflets , warns that Akhwat Akwop stands for the Christians equivalent of the Boko Haram sect saying that it will actively engage in the battle to liberate the northern minorities whether Muslim or Christians

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Dream Playhouse Theater presents Prison Chronicles

Contemporary performing arts company, Dream PlayHouse Theater in collaboration with Bogobiri House Ikoyi will present the mischievously hilarious play Prison Chronicles as a special independence project this October.

Written by widely acclaimed playwright Wole Oguntokun, Prison Chronicles is a tale of four prisoners whose chaotic, sometimes hilarious and often absorbing life stories is a metaphor of the everyday events we encounter around us. In spite of their crimes, the prisoners share their smelly Cell Block B, (which is christened ‘Heart Break Hotel’ by the warder), with two unlikely guests – hopes and dreams.

Daily conversation between the prisoners goes hand in hand with their cleaning chores, which they spice up with song, dance and delicacies from the warder’s wife, First Lady. Prison Chronicles is beyond a story of suppression, it is a well crafted tale of hope, told through humor, gripping dialogue and song fused with memorable dance routines.

The play is directed by ace thespian Kenneth Uphopho and produced by Dream PlayHouse’s creative bunch, Ifeanyi Dibia, Olusayo Asiwaju, Gloria Isitor, Mojereola Mustapha and Theo Nuekpe.

Prison Chronicles will be performed at Bogobiri House, 9 Maitama Sule Street, Ikoyi on the 3rd, 9th and 16th of October by 3pm and 6pm daily. Tickets cost N2500 and
N5000 respectively and are available at The Hub in The Palms Lekki, Bogobiri House, Cafelicious at 30 Opebi road Ikeja and Cackland Store, Shop D20 in Shoprite Surulere.

This special independence project is kindly supported by Ynaija, Zigma Communications, Orangeslice, Oltee Concepts, Makabis & Benet, The Hub, Cafelicious and Cackland Store.


Abuja, STAND UP and get yourselves ready!!! as popular comedian Tee-A is celebrating the 15th anniversary of his career and as part of the plans to celebrate it, Tee-A will be kicking off his ‘TymeOut with Tee A’ live concert series on Sunday, October 2, 2011 at the Congress Hall of Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja.

Comedians and artists would be joining TEE A and the are Gbenga Adeyinka 1st, Holy Mallam, Omo Baba, Tunde Ednut, Headmaster as well as the show’s regulars Princess and MC Abbey.

Artists include Wizkid,Naeto C,DJ Zeez, Mo’Cheddah, JJC and Djinee, international DJ Neptune will also be on ground doing the 1s ad 2s

‘This is the first in many to come. This is our independence gift to our friends in Abuja’, Tee-A talks about the forthcoming event which takes place a day after Nigeria’s Independence Day.

Bigger and better! Nigerian Idol launches Season II...announces Charles Oputa as new judge and Tiwa Savage, Ill Rymz as new hosts

After an electrifying first season that saw the crowning of the first ever
Nigerian Idol, Yeka Onka, the global music phenomenon returns to Nigeria
for a second season.

Season II of Nigerian Idol is produced by the Optima Media Group (OMG) and
Rapid Blue Format. It continues to enjoy the sponsorship of Etisalat, in
association with Sony and Pepsi. This year, they have partnered with Beat
FM and Air Nigeria which is the official airline of Nigerian Idol Season

This was revealed at a media & VIP launch on 28 September 2011 at the
Oriental Hotel in Lagos.
The event also witnessed an electrifying performance of the hot new single
‘Follow U’ by Season 1 winner, Yeka Onka. The singer was produced by
Chocolate City’s Jesse Jags.

"Nigerian Idol will be an even more exciting television experience this
season," its executive producer, Rotimi Pedro, said. "The last three shows
of NI garnered more viewership, especially with the youth demographic,
than any other music reality show - proving the point of the power of the
Idol brand across the globe. We are committed to ensuring that the
standards from the past show - in terms of content, production and
interactivity are surpassed this time around. This is Idol - it's the real

The cycle of the show remains the same, spanning seven months, the
producers have confirmed. The season kicks off on October 7th with
auditions in four Nigerian cities - Abuja, Port Hacourt, Enugu and Lagos,
where auditions end in November. Nigerian Idol hopefuls simply have to go
to in order to register.

"Based on audience feedback and to enhance the unique Idol experience this
season, we've made a few major changes," said Mr. Pedro. These exciting
new changes include, a new judge; musician, former music association
president and TV host, Charles Oputa, fondly known as Charly Boy.

The judges' line up however retains songstress Yinka Davies and
international choreographer and musician, Jeffrey Daniels who has returned
this season.

After hotly-contested auditions that featured the brightest across the
media and entertainment sectors, new hosts have also been announced and
they are rave-of-the-moment singer Tiwa Savage, and VeeJay Ill Rhymz.

"I am very excited to be a part of the successful Nigerian version of this
global franchise," Savage said. "I am lucky to have worked in the music
industry in America, writing for acts like Jennifer Hudson and to have
seen close up what the flagship American Idol has done for amazing talents
like her. I am incredibly thrilled to be part of that magical experience
in Nigeria and to be a witness to the creating of a new Nigerian

There are only winners on Nigerian Idol this season as lead sponsor
Etisalat will give premium prizes not just to the winner, but also to the
runners-up and others from the Top Ten.

The winner of the show takes home whopping new prizes valued at $100, 000
which includes a management contract, the prize money and a recording
The first runner up gets N1.5 million, a Galaxy Tab, Blackberry
and iPod.

2nd runner up will receive N1million, a Galaxy Tab, a
Blackberry and an iPod.

Finalists from 4th to 10th place also receive
each, N100, 000, a Galaxy Tab, a Blackberry and an iPod.

The show begins airing 4th December, until the winner is announced at a
grand gala on April 1st 2012.
Nigerian Idol is brought to you by Etisalat, in association with Pepsi and
Sony. It is also supported by partners, Air Nigeria and Beat FM.


UNCONFIRMED JIST reaching me says that Orode Uduaghan, the daughter of the governor of Delta state Emmanuel Uduaghan will be walking down the aisle this Nov.The guy i hear is the son of a Raymond Okpu and from the little bits and pieces, i hear there was a court wedding done already.

Orode Jade Uduaghan- Okpu, is the founder of the Pink Pearl Cancer Foundation and is a graduate of Psychology from the University of Windsor, Ontario,Canada.

But then she's only 22(born July 31 1989), wow i dont know what to say oh! i'm really happy for her if its indeed true but sweety 22. I guess age is nothing but a number and not you dont have to be old before your mature.


OH YES! Its finally happening on the 6th of Nov,

All your favorite celebrities,YES!! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM

On one court,

In one city

LAGOS!!!!!!!!!! GET READY as the annual celebrity alternative entertainment FACEOFF 2011 IS HAPPENING LIVE!!!

Trust me you dont want to miss your favorite stars play against the Dodan warriors and guess who the celebrity coaches are.........*drum roll*

Its Don jazzy again and DJ Jimmy Jatt.
Check back for more info as i would be giving away free tickets too.

Some pics from faceoff 2009



I think this is just amazing, you might not find anything to the picture(but i cant stop staring at it) If you are a bit faint hearted or emotional dont look oh!

The picture is that of a 21-week-old unborn baby named Samuel Alexander Armas, who is being operated on by surgeon named Joseph Bruner. The baby was diagnosed with spina bifida and would not survive if removed from his mother's womb. Little Samuel's mother, Julie Armas, is an obstetrics nurse in Atlanta. She knew of Dr. Bruner's remarkable surgical procedure. Practicing at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, he performs these special operations while the baby is still in the womb.

During the procedure, the doctor removes the uterus via C-section and makes a small incision to operate on the baby. As Dr. Bruner completed the surgery on Samuel, the little guy reached his tiny, but fully developed hand through the incision and firmly grasped the surgeon's finger. Dr. Bruner was reported as saying that when his finger was grasped, it was the most emotional moment of his life, and that for an instant during the procedure he was just frozen, totally immobile.

The photograph captures this amazing event with perfect clarity. The editors titled the picture, "Hand of Hope." The text explaining the picture begins, "The tiny hand of 21-week-old fetus Samuel Alexander Armas emerges from the mother's uterus to grasp the finger of Dr. Joseph Bruner as if thanking the doctor for the gift of life."

Little Samuel's mother said they "wept for days" when they saw the picture. She said, "The photo reminds us pregnancy isn't about disability or an illness, it's about a little person" Samuel was born in perfect health, the operation 100 percent successful. Now see the actual picture, and it is awesome...incredible....and hey, pass it on! The world needs to see this one!
by: Sean Keeling

To read more on spina bifida go to

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


I read Emeh's blog everyday and i must say its quite refreshing, so i asked her to be the guest blogger on my blog and she obliged, as usual she bowled me over. And dont forget to drop by her blog
Its a bit of a lengthy read but interesting.

You just couldn't wait to read it right?well,so have a million others around the world,its so appalling when you think of the amount of time,money and effort we spend in the quest for the perfect relationship.

We read books(subscribe to online dating sites,hop from one relationship to the other,change our out looks and mannerisms,cry,fight,even use jazz(fetish means),and still end up back where we started. lonely,sad,unfulfilled and heartbroken.

Not one to pick the spec from the eyes of others while ignoring the log in mine, heaven knows I too suffered from"perfect relationship syndrome. In my quest for the perfect relationship i have read every thing from "how to hypnotise a man,secrets to trapping that man forever,catch that man in 3 days,get your ex back,making that man a slave to your love(I better not mention some, to the acclaimed "Art of Seduction" .

Ok!I was fascinated by this book and I read and applied it to the latter. I tried to be like cleopatra whom they said captured the worlds greatest men (eg ceaser)with a single glance. what was her secret? Evolving. she made sure she evolved ,her looks ,her hair,outfits,fragrance etc.she always made her men feel like they were meeting her for the first time. Always put on a show. Was she the most beautiful?No she was even described as an average looking woman.

Well,I tried to apply the rules of cleopatra which was quite a task and seemed to be working then(at least for four months).even did the cleopatra hair style.I forgot one thing,I wasn't cleopatra,this wasn't the ancient era,and I wasn't dealing with the world's greatest men. I was dealing with normal,down to earth African men who didnt reason the way ceaser did. They didn't give an f...-f I tried to evolve like a chameleon. All they wanted was food in their stomachs and probably.....
As a matter of fact,I was being downright fake and wasn't easy wearing a fake pout,speaking with a drawl,forming sexy. The only thing which I kept out of the experience was my cleopatra hair(I rocked)

From my quest to be cleopatra,marylin monroe,I landed another book(keeping that man forever)which laid down rules.
_never ask a man out
_do not give out your number on the first meeting
_dont know his house until the fourth date
_dont pick his calls once in a while
_let him see you hanging around other guys...
Bla bla bla

Lovely rules but ever watched the movie" two can play the game"!(Not the nigerian version oo)well that movie brings out the intricacies and disadvantages of starting a relationship based on rules.

Nor matter how hard we(male and female )try not to apply rules,we find ourselves applying them sometimes un intentionally.we do this for two reasons
Protect ourselves from hurt
Make sure the ones we lov never leave.

What these books don't tell us is that,"rules don't apply to everyone" ,there's this rule a guy I know lived by,when he met a beautiful lady,he acted like she was the most ugly in the room. Why? Because he felt beautiful ladies were used to so much attention and so,would be captivated by a man who was nonchalant. nice one if you ask me but,there came a time he really fell inlove with a very beautiful girl,so he put her down as usual,never complementing her. It worked initially,then she snapped and decided she couldn't take it nomore.she moved in with someone who appreciated her,told her how beautiful she was ad all attempts by my friend to tell her he didn't mean it fell on deaf ears. She didn't believe he was playing mind games on her.

So,my number one rule is"being yourself".I don't mean being a cheat(if that's yourself ooo)just being comfortable. The fact that your spouse walked up to you and indicated interest means you had it going for you,don't spoil it with the games.

Sorry,got to take this important call "hello dear(in my cleopatra voice)lol..


If u missed "September 2 Remember" you have another chance 2 come party in a nice hotspot with pocket friendly drinks and food, ill music, celebs, paparazzi and of course sexy people 2 mingle with.

Sat Oct 1st is d Independence special @ P Lounge!
Venue:6 St Finbarr's Road, Akoka.
Time:From 7pm.
07030030005 or add pin:2177871F and follow us @pardisng.
Free shots or wine all night for the ladies.......#dontdull.

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Happy birthday to Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners chapel international, God bless u sir.

Monday, 26 September 2011


This commercial is too funny.


I really dont like things like this, aahan, why would somebody be doing this? at this age. For christ sakes you are entering a bar where LOUD music shall be played, do you want to connect your headphones to the the music so that only you would be hearing it abi, i dont get? The whole headphones things is become really ridiculous,more like a fashion statement. In fact am logging out,later loves.xo,and no i'm not beefing its just really silly.This whole picture just looks wrong.


These pics are really nice, this was at the Hennessy Artistry 2011 track video shoot at the Deuces in Victoria Island.
From all the pics I've seen so far, the video is looking very good. For more pictures go to


I know this weekend is packed full with events but i urge you to stop by at Surulere and get yourself a NACK polo shirt, normal tees,dress tops, you wont regret it and you can thank me later.And just so you know I rep NACK,i'm a NACKARIAN!!!

NACK exhibition

Date:2nd OCT,

Venue:W&Store 53 Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere, Lagos,Adjacent Sterling bank


Tees-polo's-shirts-pants-more tees.

10% off d1st 100NACKers.


On Sunday Oct 2nd, 2011 all roads lead to St Savior's school Ikoyi as they celebrate their 6oth anniversary with "The School Invasion Concert". This event is family oriented and is expected to attract a lot of youngsters and their families.So mumy and dady u have to pakuromo ke jo dada with your babies oh!

The line up of musicians include Ice Prince,Wizkid, Wande Coal, Sasha Pee, Davido, Int DJ Neptune and many others.Its billed to start at 1pm and will run through the early evening.

I can imagine the little kids all screaming, dancing with Wizkid with candy floss in their mouth,popcorn in the other, trust me i know i used to do it.

Boko Haram Threatens To Mark 'Independence Day' With Bombings At Specific Locations!

Security agencies have revealed fresh plans by the Islamic sect, Boko Haram to attack selected high profile targets in the federal capital ahead of this weekend's independence anniversary.

Information revealed that the targets, are the NNPC Towers in Abuja, Central Bank headquarters, the Federal Ministry of Finance, Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Army barracks and Mammy markets in Abuja, Federal Secretariat Complex, the National Assembly, Supreme Court, Office of the Secretary to Government of the federation and even the Nigeria Police headquarters, because according to the source, their target at the Police headquarters is yet to be dealt with, even after the earlier attack this year.

The SSS claimed that the attacks are coming on the heels of a presidency directive to all security agencies to submit to it documents on their handling of the Boko Haram crisis since 2007. The presidency's directive was the outcome of outrage that trailed the comments of the leader of the group released by the Police to a sister agency.

The Boko Haram group according to findings by security agencies has conscripted agents to attack selected government institutions and buildings in Abuja between Monday 26th September and October 1st 2011, when Nigeria would be celebrating its 51st independent anniversary.

Towards this end,it was gathered that security agencies have unmasked plots by the group to use two vehicle types- a Nissan Sunny salon car with registration Abuja CL 735 ABJ and an Audi new model with registration KD 475 JJ, to possibly carry out their next suicide attacks on very important government targets in the federal capital territory.

Consequently, a new security alert has gone out to all military, Police and other security agencies to be alive to their responsibilities and not switch off for any moment as the sect appears determined to carry out their threat.

Asked if states earmarked for attack by the group particularly those in the Niger Delta, should down play the threat by the sect, now that they have narrowed their plots to attacking government assets in Abuja, the security source said: "It will be a big mistake as the group was very good at elements of surprise. When you begin to think all is well, that their minds were focused on a different target, is when they strike at you".
Source: Vanguard


Apparently international websites and newspaper which include Huffington Post Daily mail,Washington Post and Yahoo News are reporting the story. I'm so glad that finally we the youth can do something and it would be heard world over and talked about(yes u might say that this is putting Nigeria in bad light and all)but i feel if the world should see whats going on they would most definetly want to help,even if not for the country but for the victim.


Aliko Dangote CEO of the dangote group of companies was said to have made a whooping donation of about N100,000,000 million Naira to Lagos state government so as to help with the provision of relief materials for victims of the Lagos floods.

During the presentation, which was made in the name of Dangote Cement, Mr Dangote commended Mr Fashola's administration and underlined the fact that the government alone cannot shoulder the responsibility of building the society. He therefore called on Corporate Nigeria to assist the state government.

"I keep saying it that if we had 12 of our governors, that is one-third of our governors like you working so hard, am hundred percent sure Nigeria will change. We do not need too many people to change the country," Mr Dangote said. He also said Mr Fashola's administration instills the confidence and desire to want to pay taxes because the government utilities the tax to the benefit of the society. He even advised Governor Fashola to raise the State's Internal Generated Revenue to ₦50billion monthly before the expiration of his current tenure .

I'm actually happy that he did this but now it remains for the government to actually give the people this money, because we might not hear of it again

Saturday, 24 September 2011


I haff die, when i saw this poster ehen,i just had to sit down so i wont fall, weak is an understatement,has it gotten so bad that producers dont know what name to give movies again abi kini gbo gbo rubbish yi? I really want to understand what this movie would be made of.


I fall in love with this picture every time, from her gele which i think is the icing on the cake to her fan, the aso-oke, not to talk of her necklace/beads. Atinuke Solanke is a stunning bride and the smile. I'm blown away every time.. Loves it

image credit=bella naija


Former club SQ located at 47, Younis Bashorun Street, off Ajose Adeogun, Victoria Island will on Wednesday 28-09-2011 change its name to "Jonzing Club" as D'prince popularly known as omoba has acquired it.Congrats to him and the rest of the Mo'hits clan


The poster for Jennifer Hudson 's movie "Winnie" has been revealed.The film which co-stars Terrence Howard tells the story of Winnie Mandela as a South African activist and ex wife of Nelson Mandela.It premiered at this year’s Toronto International film festival to rave reviews from film critics and movie goers alike.


On Wednesday, October 5, 2011, Enough is Enough Nigeria, Project Alert, Rubies Ink, Delta Women, National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) along with several other civil society organizations and individuals will walk in several cities around Nigeria to raise awareness about violence against women in Nigeria, and in particular, demand action on the gang-rape of a young lady by five young men alleged to be students of Abia State University (ABSU).

The walk will take place in the following cities:

Abia: Walk will commence at the Okpara square in Umuahia, Abia state and conclude at the state house.

Lagos: Protest will hold at the Abia State Liaison Office in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Abuja : Protesters will converge at The Eagle Square


This just go to show that in this life no condition is permanent oh!He was a cleaner at Victoria train station in the UK and today Michael Sata is Zambia's new president.

The national electoral commission said Sata had won with 43 percent of the votes to Banda’s 36 percent, even though seven of the country’s 150 constituencies had yet to finish counting ballots


I really dont know what to make of this picture,i'm seriously laughing out loud. I dont know oh but the picture is just wrong.


Children can get me to do anything for them is a known fact, especially the ones with big cute eyes, very soft skin, that smell of cerelac and Johnson's baby powder(yes i eat cerelac and i'm Johnson's baby powder fan).
See this beautiful baby, tell me you can resist her.


I got this from
Open Discussion Entry

Hello, can you please ask your readers my question, i need help with this.

I'm seeing someone, he's sweet, has a great career and i am completely in love with him. We've been dating for a while now and since the beginning he has said he doesn't like it when i wear makeup, put in extensions or sleep with my silk head scarf.

Now the thing is i don't even wear a lot of makeup, mostly eye liner and very light powder. I wear extensions sometimes but he kept on complaining about my weave, he likes completely natural girls and he says i'm beautiful without all of that. So at first i said fine and i stopped wearing makeup as much and stopped wearing weaves all together but the thing is i have relaxed hair and anytime i go to the hair salon i have to wrap my hair and sometimes i like to leave my scarf on when i'm at home relaxing, chilling you know. Well that turned out to be a problem with him because he hates when women wrap their hair, i tried a silk pillowcase but i prefer scarves.

It's annoying because what he wants is some natural girl who doesn't wear weave, make up or wrap her hair but I love wearing makeup and sometimes i like wearing my weaves and i am not about to give up my head wrap, he doesn't understand that i have to do all of this to look good for him. He loves when my hair looks nice and bouncy but if i don't wrap my hair at night it's going to be a hot mess the next day. He said he doesn't date women who wear scarves to bed and i have "good hair" i don't need it.

He is such a good guy, I know he only wants me to be myself, he never puts me down and he has made me discover my natural beauty. But i'm starting to believe he is trying to change me into this "wife" image he has and problem is i like myself as i am, i don't see a big deal in wearing a little eye liner and extensions to enhance my beauty. What should i do? Am i being too shallow? Should i throw out my makeup and stop wrapping my hair around him? or is it time to reevaluate our relationship?

Please help me with any advice you have.Guys what do you think.


Y'all remember the London based Nigerian pastor,Albert Odulele,pastor and founder of Glory House International Church, who was sentenced to 8months in prison and 6months concurrent after a guilty plea to sexually assaulting young boys. Well he has been released and a welcome service was held for him which attracted international guest speakers.(na wa oh,guest speakers to do what na)

It is still uncertain if he can continue his ministerial duties for a while considering he's been listed in the Sex Offenders Register for 5years. Pastor Albert Odulele is said to have started counseling classes.


I know you guys have seen this picture but i had to make it my pic of the day, this is priceless,he is soooo happy, awwww makes u want to have a baby.
PS:Peter and Lola if y'all are reading this,can u marry already, aaahan. Pls as in see beauty all over.
Dear Cameron hold yasef oh! my daughter would be coming in a couple of years so sharpen all your toasting skills oh!

Friday, 23 September 2011


Awwwww Cameron is sooo cute,he turned 3 today so mummy,daddy and Wizkid went to celebrate with him in school. Happy happy birthday Cameron,God bless and keep you,amen.The picture with him and his mom is soooo priceless



If i say something na,you people will say i'm taking things too personal but can you see what this man is saying,i'm tongue tied at the moment so i have figured out a new strategy i would do my own best and pray God helps us. #chikena.

Have a blessed day people,xoxo

Killer-wife Insists ‘My Husband was a Cultist’

I dont know what to say again sef, sometimes all the things you hear everyday just makes you weak,na only God go keep somebody oh!

Mrs Ngozi Funmi Ademoye, who confessed to killing her husband, Kazeem, last Friday, spoke for the first time Thursday, insisting that her husband was indeed a cultist.

In giving graphic details of the events that led to the eventual murder of her husband, the suspect now held at the Force CID, Panti, Lagos, explained that all she wanted to do was maim her husband, not kill him, after a fight ensued between the couple.

Ngozi said that five days before the fight, she had discovered that Kazeem was engaged in occultism, a find that was shocking, as they had been married for 13 years and without her knowing whatsoever.

Shaken to her bones at the strange discovery, she said her brother in-law’s wife, Elizabeth, took her to Ikorodu where she met a prophet.

She went on to say that immediately she stepped in there, the prophet told her that he sensed a dark presence around her that was sucking all her virtues.

She disclosed that she opened up to the prophet about the charms in her home when he said it was revealed to him that she was co-habiting with an evil spirit at home.

The prophet, THISDAY gathered, then gave her a candle, some palm fronds and holy water with some prayer points to dispel the evil spirit.

Ngozi said because she knew her husband would not let her carry out the cleansing, she waited for him to leave before undertaking the exercise.

She stated that it was then that she lit a candle in the middle of their building and sprinkled the holy water around the house before she proceeded to the room where the charms were kept.

She went on to say that inside the wardrobe was a pot, a bird in a cage as well as some cowries.
She claimed that when she attempted to pour the holy water on the charms, the water magically failed to flow from the jar, and so she started praying.

She noted that it was only after the prayers that the water started to flow again and a tortoise crawled out.
She said” “I started to hear noises in the room but I went on to pour the holy water into another pot and in there I saw some feathers inside with some currency notes - N50, N100 and N1,000 - tied with a red cloth around it and a list of names.”

She claimed she saw her name and that of some of her husband’s brothers there. She also noted that when she poured the holy water, smoke appeared in the pot but it did not evaporate.

While her prayers continued, Ngozi claimed the cowries and the bird in the cage suddenly disappeared. She said she returned the remaining items and left.
To buttress her point, she claimed that it was then it hit her that Kazeem uses the room on Tuesdays and Thursday claiming that he wanted to use the internet and that nobody should disturb him.

She noted that it was unfortunate that she did the cleansing on one of such days, Thursday, because when he wanted to use the room, he noticed that something was wrong and a fight broke out.

Narrating the chain of events that led to the fight, she said Kazeem came back from work and took a bottle of beer and sleeping pills because he had heart problems.

Suddenly, Ngozi said the deceased came into the room by midnight dressed in a red apparel and started beating her up.

She said the fight woke the children up and they were knocking at the door telling daddy to open but by then the fight was too intense.

She said she only retaliated when she started bleeding. She said: "I don’t know what came over me but I became very strong and at a point when he wanted to hit me again, I carried the UPS and hit him with it and he slumped.”

She disclosed that although he grew weak, he tried to strangle her but surprisingly, she was able to overpower him and she in turn kept on strangling him.

She however posited that her intention was not to kill him as she just wanted him to pass out. She said it was only until later when she tried to wake him and he did not respond that she realised she had taken it too far.

Rebuffing claims that she killed her husband over money, Ngozi said she only collected N14,000 from the accountant to buy things for the house as it suddenly dawned on her that she had become the man of the house.

She said after that, she went to withdraw N500,000 from her own account as she needed the money for mortuary payment, embalming and other expenses that could arise for the burial of her husband.

She however denied insinuations that she was behind the attempt made on her husband’s life three weeks before she killed her. Rather, she pointed accusing fingers at Jameel, the deceased's younger brother.

Buttressing her suspicion, she said Jameel had always had an eye on the late husband's property even when he was alive.

She went on to say that the latter had in the past, threatened to kill her husband and take over his wealth.
According to her, "It is on record that my husband and the family never had a cordial and familial relationship.

"When my husband was alive, he had on one occasion reported to the police that Jameel made an attempt on his life and Jameel had even boasted to people that he would inherit my husband’s property.”

She lamented that since the death of her husband, her in-laws had seized the opportunity to rip her children off the husband’s property.

Ngozi said that even when Jameel came to meet her at the mortuary, the first thing he demanded was the keys to her husband's properties.

She said since the unfortunate incident, the husband’s family had never bothered to ask after her three children or how they had coped with the trauma.

But the spokesman for the Ademoye family, Mr. Adesegun Agbaye, debunked claims that the family were after the deceased’s wealth. According to him, it was a strategy by the suspect to make them leave the issue at hand.

THISDAY gathered that Agbaye, who resides in the Unites States of America, has been forced to stay back because of the murder incident. According to him, the issue of Jameel withholding the key to the Magodo residence has been resolved as the family had given the keys of the house back to the suspect.
He told the newspaper that when the corpse of their brother was first discovered, the suspect had tried to turn the minds of the neighbours against the family.

He said Ngozi told neighbours that Kazeem’s family were out to fleece her. This allegation, he said, poisoned their minds against the family members.

Agbaye told THISDAY that the allegations made by the suspect that Jameel had made an attempt on the deceased’s life three weeks back was all falsehood. He challenged her to come out with an authentic proof to back her claims.

In a no-holds barred expose, the suspect insisted that her actions were not premeditated rather, an act of spontaneous overflow of emotion.

She lamented that prior to the fatal fight, she had always been close to the husband; a fact the deceased's family confirmed.

Confirming the report, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Samuel Jinadu, a deputy superintendent of police, said the law would take its due course.

He however applauded the deceased's neighbours for their courage in coming forward and giving the police relevant information.

By Chiemelie Ezeobi


The Minister of Youth Development, Mallam Mobolaji Abdullahi, said on Thursday, that one of the suspects in the gang rape of a yet-to-be identified female had been identified. Reports say the five men who raped the young woman recorded the act, which was later uploaded to the Internet.

He, however, expressed doubts that the suspects would be convicted based on the available evidence in Lagos at a meeting with youth organisations.

The minister said, "More than 70 per cent of the information we have on the rape will not be said here for obvious security reasons. But I can tell you we have information on it.

"The girl is not a student of Abia State University. She was raped in an off-campus residential area of students.”Although the faces of the rapists are not seen in the video, the minister said the National Human Rights Commission was on top of the situation.“The National Human Rights Commission is working with the Ministry of Youth Development. The commission, which is headed by a competent lawyer, is on top of this case.“This is law, if we can not press for rape, there are other charges that we can press. I can assure you that justice will be done."

Pls i dont understand what the minister is saying, what would they now be charged with sexual harassment abi infringing on personal space?pls pls pls.I know it very hard and almost impossible but pls can the girl show up amidst tight security because i'm not sure much would be done without her information




2face and his very cute daughter Isabella(Annie Macauly's daughter) this picture was taken at the 2face concert when he said this is his one and only African queen. Awwww shes so adorable.But 2 baba try oh! all his kids look exactly like him,no counterfeit.


I was looking for something in "my documents" folder and i came across this post, i wrote last year September and didnt post,cant remember why i didnt though. Enjoy.

I needed to get a new line and reactivate my blackberry so I went it AT&T and I got talking to one of the sales representatives(AN AFRICAN AMERICAN OH!!!!, THE BABE IS NOT WHITE OH) and after a while she then asked me “YOU GUYS IN AFRICA HAVE BLACKBERRY’S” I was in utter shock and amazement, I said yes like I was a Mumu(because I was still amazed).

I then proceeded to ask her where the current world cup was going on and then she looked at me and said south Africa, I then told her “I thought u were going to say in a jungle on top various trees”(this was with a smile and a sarcastic tone), I said babe look, Nigeria(I had to represent my country) is one of the richest nations in the world forget the corruption, the power thirsty, money hungry scoundrels the nation is a land blessed and overflowing with milk,honey and talents.

I then proceeded to ask her why do you think everyone in other countries are coming to Nigeria is it to play???( well yes some of them) but after they all see the various opportunities that abound in the country and tap into it thereby exposing the nationalities(Nigerians) to the various opportunities in Nigeria…I also proceeded to ask her if she knew that it has been in the national dailies of Nigeria and even on the paper of the world(THE INTERNET) that our very own Lagos is more Expensive than Los Angeles ,so I didn’t see her point(I then suggested that she should come to Nigeria and stay in my house and I would treat her Hollywood style proudly Nigerian.

So to all those that think Africa is a jungle, May God give you understanding..
To all my Nigerians out there NIGERIA O NI BAJE OH!!!!...XOXO…
P.s: I don’t understand these Black Americans sometimes, is it that they don’t want to associate with Africa abi??? Pls somebody should try and explain

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Woohoops Thursday is the new Friday,so get yourselves ready and have fun while at it lovies...xo

Date: Sunday 25th September 2011
Venue: GET Arena, Opposite Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos
Time: 12 PM – 7PM

Date: Saturday 24th September 2011
Time: 1 PM – 7 PM
Venue: Amber Lounge, Silverbird Entertainment Centre,Abuja
Contact: For more info e-mail Ireti Dada | or Call 08030535077/07056369836

Date: (Today)Thursday 22nd September 2011 till stocks last
Venue: Etam Store, The Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki, Lagos


After a life changing win at the first ever Nigerian Idol and months of
hard work, the glamorous and velvety toned Yeka Onka is finally out with
her debut single. Titled 'Follow You', the highly anticipated hit was
produced by ace Chocolate City producer and artiste, Jesse Jags.

With an upbeat tempo, the sultry voiced singer who has been called a
Nigerian answer to Whitney Houston serenades her lover with spicy declarations of love in different languages.Fans will be sure to love the eclectic mix of catchy lyrics in English,Yoruba and her native Igbo.

"It has been an exciting few months working through an amazing range of
sounds and options," Yeka said excitedly. "I have been very blessed to
work with this team of professionals to present my music. "

An album is in the works for the fast rising star - she is hard at work in
the studios with Cobhams Asuquo and is set for a working trip to the
United Kingdom to finish work on the album and her music video.

You can listen to the hot single on this link


So today at 11am NTA aired live the motion being discussed on the #ABSU rape issue brought in by Hon Abike Dabiri to the house of assembly and as she went on another member of house said
"we cant sit down here and legislate on a matter that happened in another state and he said the house shouldn't dabble into cases the police can handle,he further said Abike Dabiri should take up the case personally and not bring it to public glare". Can u imagine the rascal,i keep saying and wont stop saying if it happened to his daughter,i'm very sure he would have personally looked for the boys and killed them on his own before the govt even got in,i dont know why people dont think sometimes,they just bear the title for title sake because to me that statement was very foolish coming from someone we voted in,can u imagine the fellow(i wish i got his name)

Another house of rep member Adeyemi said the other members should be careful what they say on the floor and asks what if it was their own daughters?

Moving on jare,there were more people supporting the motion and so the motion is Yes! CONDEMN THE ACT,GET THE IGP(inspector general of police) TO INVESTIGATE AND REPORT IN TWO WEEKS,MANDATE WOMEN GROUPS TO GET INVOLVED".

I am dancing alanta right now and i really pray and hope the police does this one well pls, the culprits most be brought to book,period! But its such a sad thing the way the Abia state govt is handling the matter,is it that they are in denial abi i dont get why something of this nature should happen and they should be forming i dont know what. Sometimes i'm amazed how some people get into power!


Wow,this is just really sad,i dont know what your looking for with another woman's husband as in biko hapu yaka(pls leave him alone)Just be good and involve God and he will give you your own,no need to go and kill yourself over another man and a pot of soup.

On the very said day, the lady(the one that was fried) was said to have used her room-mate's pot to cook without permission, based on that and some other unknown beef,(frolicking with her man 2 supposedly) the lady turned the hot soup on her body #gbam

But wait oh! you pour soup because of beef,hian iyen le oh!(that 1 hard oh!), thats gangsta, only God knows wetin she go do the man/ This is just silly, women we are our worst enemies.



Haha this video is really funny especially with the Lamide guy falling, being rushed in then Princess as the matron and as usual she's in her elements and then Id Cabasa using beats by Dre to resuscitate Olamide,lol. But whats with the nurses dresses though?All in all, nice video and it was directed by Dj Tee.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Finally, Ngozi Confesses, ‘I Killed My Husband By Mistake’

NA WA OH! nnkan be laiye yi(things they happen for life)
After days of weak and clumsy denials, Mrs. Ngozi Ademoye, wife of the deceased Chairman of Charvex Communications Limited, Mr Kazeem Ademoye, Tuesday confessed that she killed her husband albeit mistakenly.

The deceased was allegedly killed at his residence at No 11 Nwahiri Onuoha Close, off Aigbokhan Street, Magodo-Lagos, last Friday.

Prior to the confession, the wife had claimed her husband slumped and died but when she was quizzed further, she changed her story.

When the family saw two big cuts on the deceased’s head, she changed her story and said the man was involved in occultism and that he died during a session with the occult world.
To buttress her story line, she had said her murdered husband had tied tortoise around his chest and was reciting some incantations. Some red regalia, charms and weird objects were seen on the scene of the murder, all to establish the allegation of occultism against the husband.

However, that story yet again changed yesterday as she confessed to the family, neighbours and the police that she it was that killed Kazeem, except that it was an honest mistake.

After the confession, the suspect was then transferred from the Isheri Police Division to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Panti, Yaba.

According to her, at about 4am of Friday last week, she was engaged in a scuffle with her husband.
She said: “I do not know what happened that day that made me stand up to him. Normally when he is angry, I usually apologise and end the matter.

“But that fateful day, he was beating me up and then injured me. When I saw the blood, I got angry and decided to wound him too.”

In the course of the fighting, she said her husband fell on the floor and she hit him twice with a UPS that was in the room; on the head and at the back of the neck.

“When he fell down, I hit him with the UPS on the head and neck. When he started bleeding, I was the one cleaning him up until he became unconscious," she said.

She went on to say that the deceased did not die immediately rather, he bled to death in the room.

Crying intermittently, she pleaded for forgiveness for her act, insisting that it was not premeditated.

The scuffle was said to have been caused by her insistence on administering “Holy water” substance given to her by a certain prophetess in order to ward off the evil spirit in and around their residence. Kazeem was said to have resisted the attempt, leading to the scuffle.

However speaking to THISDAY, the deceased's younger brother, Mr. Jameel Ademoye, queried Ngozi’s claims on how Kazeem met his untimely death.

“If she said that it was a mistake, why did she not raise an alarm so that he would be taken to the hospital? Why did she lock him up in the room till the next day?

“Why did she also go to Kazeem's office and cleared the money they made for the day? Why did she also tell them to resign that Kazeem had relocated to Ghana?

“Why did she have to go to Ikorodu to get an ambulance and why did she try to arrange for a private burial ground?” he asked, stressing that "If she can answer these questions judiciously, then we can take it from there but what I want is justice.”

In the course of investigation, the police also arrested two other suspects whose names cropped up.

THISDAY gathered that the duo were the prophet and prophetess who gave her the prophecy that her husband was involved in occultism and provided the holy water.

The newspaper further gathered from the widow's story that the holy water given to her by the prophetess was the actual cause of the scuffle.

According to her, she had gone to her prophet for prayers and she was prophesied to by the prophetess that the deceased was an occult member.

The prophet gave her the holy water with the instruction to go home and sprinkle it and await the result.

According to a family member who spoke on condition of anonymity, the husband was said to have chased her around the house and then when he fell, she hit him to death.

Although the prophetess agreed that she prophesied to the widow, she claimed that she urged Ngozi to take things gently with her husband by ensuring it never led to a fight.

However, the other prophet clad in his white robes and long dread locks, also admitted that he gave Ngozi the holy water to exorcise the evil spirits in the house.

The deceased’s sister couldn't hold back her grief as she demanded that justice be done.

She wondered why the suspect would kill her husband, who prior to his death, loved her to bits.
She informed THISDAY that the love the deceased had for his wife transcended belief as he went out of his way to show it.

Speaking in pidgin English, she described the brother as one who took very good care of the family.

According to her, “She killed my brother and now she is begging for forgiveness. What about my brother?”
Also speaking, the spokesman for the family, Mr. Adesegun Agbaye, said the matter had gone beyond the family, pointing out that it was now in the hands of government.

He also asked why the suspect did not alert anyone when the deceased was bleeding and why the family doctor was not called in.

When contacted, the Babajaiye of Lagos, Chief Paul Da Costa, said he led a select group of elders of the estate to the station to hear her confession.
He said: “When we appealed to her conscience, she started to confess and told us the actual story behind it.”

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


I love this song,its one of my fav theme songs, scratch that one of my fav songs,moreso i love Banky and Sasha an


The British Council supported by Bank of Industry presents "Business Training for Creative Entrepreneurs". The training seminar which will take place in Lagos and Abuja will cover areas including Innovation, Marketing,
Pricing and Negotiation and Raising Finance as a creative entrepreneur.

To apply, simply log on to or follow British Council on Twitter & Facebook for details of how to apply.

Registration ends on the 30th of September 2011, so hurry!

Date: Wednesday 12th to Saturday 15th October 2011

Date: Monday 17th to Thursday 20th October 2011


Please oh! please oh! na my blog oh! and if i want to put my pic i will, taink very mulch(Yoruba accent) so if you have nothing tangible to say biko move on. Thank you very much.*rolls eyes*

Oh yelzk, i'm fine like that, my vain moment.


Ladies a girls second best friend is back and this time its in some show stopping Ankara heels and flats by ANI footwear,i absolutely love the flats(considering i hate heels).

The flats range from 8k-10k and the heels from 12k depending on how heely they are
The green heels go for 20k(not bad at all) you know you now have your own custom made louboutin's and the wine heels go for 12k and above.

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Perks of being a blogger i got the shoes a lil below half price*hehe, y'all better patronize oh!


Its a bit of a long read but pls bear with me:
Sometimes i wonder, i can just sit down in the middle of work, school and just think about Nigeria and what ever happened to us. Where did we go wrong, who did we offend, why so much pain, hate?

When i'm driving down the road in lekki,its an eyesore,its either one lorry is parked in the middle of the road and has been parked there for two days or danfo's are just lined up on the streets anyhow in AN ESTATE OH!causing stupid traffic and we just move by the side cursing(sometimes why cant we just get towing trucks& get it moved???) yes it would cost u/me some 10 0r 15thousand naira but with that singular act you have saved yourself the hassle of waking up at 4am to beat traffic, getting to work late,getting a query(2days in a row) saved the kids another hassle of getting to school late,even saved you & other drivers from an accident,you can never tell.Its the little things we ignore that make up the bigger things.

This rape thing still lingers in my mind and i pray everyday that the holy spirit will whip those men to confession,i still cannot phantom the act,and some people open their beak holes to say that she should not have insulted them that she sort of asked for it and i asked "do you know what they did to her before she insulted them, do you know if they touched her breasts,smacked her ass or even abused her and made side remarks and she did same?" and they become speechless.

On this issue i have told someone that he is very dense to even think that rape is punishment for someone,like are you kidding me, its either your looking for cheap attention or your brain is in your anus nothing more,how can you even say such,how?

Maybe if its your sister you will tell her the skirt she wore was short or she shouldn't be driving so late in the night,wont the 1st thing you do or want to do is stab the idiots that even as much as slapped her,so what are you blabbing???

I wont lie in my hearts of hearts i want those men to be dipped in hot water then brought out and their skin scrapped with razor blades like we do for sallah goats(yes i know its gory but thats what i can think of for now)death by hanging is small oh! but i leave them to God's judgement.

What happened to being our brothers keepers, why do we hate ourselves so much, why do we backbite,lie to the front, back, side everywhere, you want to get to the top sharply so you destroy other peoples reputation and finally get there and your misery only gets worse,sometimes killing is even involved. These days you see people setting up their own kidnaps(yes it is true),house girl sleeping with oga and becoming madam and of recent a governor allegedly has been having an affair with his sis-in-law and she bore him a son, no shame whatsoever.

Sometimes you wonder why your friend or neighbor seems to be getting all the good things in life and it looks like your life is the same ol same ol, you really dont know what the person did to get there, what medium so dont even, just work hard and involve baba God

Pls lets start from ourselves,lets be the change we want to see,i know the govt has a major part to play but we as human beings must also position ourselves for help, why dont we start by not littering the ground(yes that piece of paper,pencil stub,tom tom wrapper shouldn't be thrown on the floor).

Dont come late for that event,meeting show,fashionably late isnt turning up 3hrs after,people that know me know i cant stand time wasters,if i tell you i'm starting something at 6, i would be there at all day to make sure everything is on point so i'm ready to welcome my guests even before the time and we kick off at 6 and if there would be anytime constraints i would let you know in time not 3mins 50secs to the time.

We as human beings dont understand the true definition of love thats why we just do anyhow, love is helping somebody and not exactly expecting anything in return(yes this is hard,and i'm guilty but we have to try) guaranteed some human beings are not appreciative and are very non-challant and their attitudes might drive you nuts but just have it at the back of your mind that nothing goes unrewarded in the eyes of baba God,how are you not so sure that the reason your alive is because you did something good for someone and God kept you alive.

Appreciate your family and friends,you never know what tomorrow holds,Life is short!

No one is an island,learn to mingle,share things,trust(err,we need to pray oh)because you never know what opportunity lies within the person your looking down on, dont always be quick to judge listen to all the sides of the story, be patient,slow to anger,angels dont necessarily have wings,they could in form of human beings sometimes, so its very important the way you treat people because sweety the same treatment would be meted out to you and in greater fold.

I'm in no way perfect but everyday i strive to be the best i can be with God,yea sometimes its hard and i want to give up but i know that theres no pain no gain,i'm too scared to carry cocaine, if i hold gun i would just start crying when the people begin to beg so i know i gats to work hard and make my money legitimately sooo therefore i have said all of that to say:I know i wrote an epistle but pls lets just endeavor to be change we preach.



Yesterday i got various broadcasts about a missing person whose name is Sola Sanni,and i called the number attached to the broadcast and spoke to Sola's very close friend and colleague and this is what she told me

"Ehm on Sunday 18-9-2011 at about 9pm he and 2 of his friends(girls)where descending from third mainland bridge and the bumper of his car broke and he stepped out to try and fix it or remove when 3 guys came out from no where and pushed him into the guy with the girls and took them to Ibafo,then they dropped the girls off in Ogun state and took Sola with them to Ibafo and called Yesterday morning 19-9-2011 asking for a 20million naira ransom and that they would call back at 4pm yesterday,she also said when i asked about the 2girls that they were with them in the office"

Pls if you see any black kia cerato HL 626 EKY, contact the nearest Mobitel office or call 08133050014.