Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Ibo love

Our very own wonderboys of yori yoriare out with the remix of the mega hit feauturing 2Face,in as much as it sounds cheesy nd kinda weird me thinks its its cool..... Btwn is it me or i end up having something for ibo guys there's just something about their love songs and how the words i love you, i want you sound achoromgi and afururmginaya..its just so sweet...the song that is on constant replay on my bb is The OBI MU O SONG by obiwon its just very obi mu ooooooooooooooo... nd then in nigeria movies theres a particularmovie with chioma chukuwka and nonso diobi(NAKED WRESTLER) where they sang some ibo songs while running around in the bush and what not its so sweet.. i recommend if you love ibo songs


Anonymous said...

E be like say you no like ibo people ...or is it ibo song.? You need to open your mind and enjoy all music even if its from mars...But l like your writing be lie!

Anonymous said...

lol...u love ibo ppl and they love you too.