Tuesday, 8 June 2010


THIS is news to me, The show that just makes you wonder sometimes whether people dont have anything to do with their money(it makes me wonder sha so am taking moi as everybody)MY SUPER SWEEET 16 IS COMING TO OUR VERY OWN NAIJA,so lets get ready for tantrums, 32HINCH(INCH) BRAZILLIAN OR lace wig(hair chopping wig)serious as it is its very hilarious as in LWKMD..... In as much as Nigerians love to show of and all the showing off is mostly @ owambe parties our dear Mothers love to boogie to and sometimes dadies and even weddings with it different shades and sizes of decor and dresses but then how many parents will encourage some film crew(mtv or no mtv) filming some party?? Na wa oh!! i now understand why it is said that Gidi is MORE EXPENSIVE THAN L.A... Things dey happpen oh...SINCE AM TURNING 21,IT WONT BE A BAD IDEA TO HAVE THEM COME ABI WETIN UNA FEEL*WINKS*.... OPinions well appreciated...Ps:the crew is going roung nigeria so please be ready from Calabar to ibadan,enugu likewise not missing out the Center of Excellence


PMR said...

YOU ARE A CLOWN! that's all there is to say

Ms Endowed toh bad said...

lol thank u pmr