Sunday, 11 July 2010


Wonders shall never end oh, am laughing hard and long right now at the stupidity and greed of the boys in power(i dont agree that they are men)... how can you say you want to budget 50billion naira(CLAPS HAND LIKE YORUBA WOMEN WHEN THEY ARE GOSSIPING) for Nigeria's independence day abi to give them benefit of doubt WEEK celebration...Chei, am so angry,what has Nigeria done for this country,what???? apart from take light,take water and the bring unreasonable bills) ,kill its citizens and most recently marry girls your baby's age(May God forgive).. In as much as i love my country and i am proudly Nigerian, "NIGERIA IS A CEREMONIAL AFTERTHOUGHT" No good roads, drainage system is bad(partly our fault because we keep throwing things into the gutters)Abeg if anything Nigeria should gone on 50DAYS of fasting and ask that the True men of God intervene and pray for the country,if not.......

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