Sunday, 18 July 2010


Yeaaa (monkey dance) Big brother ALL STARS is finally here and we are so excited......
   Kicking the show open was r&b sensation Sean Paul with 'Temperature' and moments later Mwisho from Tanzania who featured in Big Brother 1 was the first housemate to arrive. When asked about his strategy; Mwisho said "I AM GOING TO HAVE FUN".

Do you remember Jennipher who opted out of the Big Brother Revolution? Yes Jennipher from Mozambique has been given a second chance indeed and we hope this time around she does not opt out of Big Brother All stars.

Big Maama in the Paloma is back all the way from Zambia and promises it sexy this time.. Hope she does not blow her nose in the sink again causing a row in the house.

In the Big Brother Africa 3 one Housemate left Africa and went to Finland yes u guessed right  Munya baybyyy is back from Zimbabwe and has put on a lot of weight and was proud to show off a pic of his baby boy that he carried along with him to the house.

If you remember Maureen who represented Uganda in Big Brother 2 you will notice that she had a boy friend in the house and that was none other than Malawi DJ Code Sangala aged 34 oh yeah he is back representing Malawi.

At this point they paused  a bit with the entry of the housemates and had to sing Happy Birthday for Mr. Nelson Mandela and shortly after Yacob the bad boy from Ethiopia who has never been in love jetted in the house donning a blue tie.

Sheila from Kenya was the next to enter the house. IK asked her about her strategy of winning the US$ 200,000. She said that she is going to be focused on getting the cheque as opposed to relationships in the house now that she even has an anniversary ring..

If you watched Big Brother Africa1, you must have noticed the housemate who broke his leg, that was Sammy B and he is back representing Ghana the guys who did Africa proud in the just concluded  FIFA World Cup 2010.

Housemate No 9 was none other than Big Brother Revolution star Kaone otherwise known as K1 representing Botswana. Now K1 and Geraldine were buddies while in the revolution house and of course IK asked him about her? He said oh year we were in touch but not much went down.

Housemate No.10 was bad girl Meryl. she was donning some nice dress and when asked who did it she said: "I'm trying to remember" Meryl who has gained some weight but still looking good will be representing Namibia. She added that "It's great that I'm back and I'm going to give what people wanted. IK asked her about her and Kwaku? She said that their stuff did not end in the house, it went on even after the house but for now it ended...  Then Sean Paul bounced back with 'Hold my Hand' which all housemates so far in the house danced too.

Uti the ladies man from Nigeria got into the house and he is one of them guys that make the game most competitive. Uti is so happy to be back.

Lerato from South Africa got into the house. Oh my she has put on a lot of weight though Paloma beats them all via weight. She promises you her loud mouth and she could not forget Nelson Mandela's birthday.

Our boy from Uganda, Hannington Kuteesa walked in as Blu3's 'Where You are' track played.

  Richard's Girl friend in the house in season 2 then, Tatiana from Angola was the last housemate to enter the house. She loves wine, champaign and says she is much stronger now and she is going to play the game.

   The All Star cast settles into the house and create a bond, almost immediately!

Bursting into song, happy to be in the house with their new friends,they all sing the sweet "I love you" song before Biggie interrupts the heart warming moment.

It remains to be seen whether some Housemates will be singing another tune in the next couple of weeks and better yet, in the next few days..

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