Sunday, 4 July 2010


I just finished from church and am so moved to write about the awesomeness of God... I am not the best christian but i love God with all my heart and do my best to acknowledge him in all my ways(which by the way isn't successful sometimes)..God is just great,he is kind,loving, patient,understanding,romantic he is just awesome... I sit back and look at my life and my achievements and am just grateful because people younger,mates of mine and older than me alive and six feet into the ground haven't been able to achieve what i have achieved and beyond doubts that i might have sometimes i know God is my ever present help and shield..I just cant contain his in church(HOUSE ON THE ROCK) PST Paul Adefarasin just confirmed Gods love and remembrance of me in his sermon "GOD IS IN MY HOUSE", everyday of my life is a new season and am utterly grateful to him...I was listening to two songs and i just changed the wordings and i thought i wouldnt do bad as a music mixer Here goes: SUDDENLY STEP IN THE CHURCH HIS LOVING ME,CRYING SO HARD HE IS TOUCHING,AND ALL THESE HAPPENED SUDDENLY...WE GO SAY BABA YATO SI BABA, WON TUN WA SO WI PE MIRACLE YATO SI MIRACLE.... And the second one is:THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT,SOMETHING ABOUT,SOMETHING ABOUT MY GOD,THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT,SOMETHING ABOUT,SOMETHING ABOUT MY GOD,BEEN AROUND THE WORLD SEEN A LOT OF gods,BUT THE LOVE WAY YOU GIVE ME I NO FIT FIND AM NOWHERE NOWHERE NOWHERE!!!! Its just amazing how God is involved in everything...DUH!!!! Yeni he is the creator of us all...This is a shout out to the funniest,kindest,most loving,awesomest FATHER IN THE UNIVERSE, MY FATHER,YOUR FATHER,OUR FATHER, THE KINGS OF KINGS, LORD OF LORDS,ANCIENT OF DAYS ,LILY OF THE VALLEY,THE I AM THAT I AM,OMNIPOTENT TO OMNISCIENT GOD,THE EVER FAITHFUL GOD,OYIGIYIGI,ALABAWIEDA,ALAKOSO ORUN,KABIYESI,IGWE,OBA AYERAYE,ABASI,CHINEKE and what he has always been to me(JEHOVAH MY NICK IN TIME:There are so many times i believe things wouldnt happen and i lose all hope or am about to lose all hope and he just shows up,he has invariably taught me the art of PATIENCE),LOVER OF ALL...I LOVE YOU LORD,WE ALL LOVE YOU LORD..............Thank u Dady

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