Tuesday, 10 August 2010


How i absolutely love my blackberry and am guessing so does everyone, well most people in Nigeria but i dont know whether its the love or obsession of the blackberry or just stupidity and lack of joblessness that makes people send the most useless and unrealistic broadcast messages on it.. And i have gotten angry with some of my friends who seem so gullible to actually send some messages...Here are a few and i am going to dissect each one...The most recent as at yesterday 9-8-2010 was about "a boy who had being stabbed or something by his stepfather for wanting to save his lil sister of 2 from being raped while the mum was at work,and the boy needed urgent surgery to save his life and so if every company forwarded it the money would be raised to perform the surgery"..People for goodness sake if the surgery was urgent blackberry is too rich to be "sending" messages they would have gone ahead to help save the boys life... Lets come down to Nigeria where people dont seldom move with common sense,they said third mainland bridge is cracking abi cracked and its about to collapse..Really, as in am shocked just because you dont have a paying job or any means of survival or you want to ease traffic u decide to publish a foolish story,it really gets me wondering in what way you actually got ur blackberry, then the said while i was on ADEOLA ODEKU that robbers where there its either i did not see the robbers or the hawkers and legless beggars had turned to robbers*raised eyebrow*,People pls stop sending messages about what drink do u think i am fanta,coke,sprite,stout,moet..STOP!!!..if you want to find out pls drink one of them, the one that gets u fired up should be noted and the one that keeps you sober should be noted likewise..Blackberry was actually meant to ease communication lines with people through the use of the blackberry messenger and help you access your mails easily and not used as A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION BOTH PHYSICALLY AND BROADCSTINGLY(my new word)..So get yourselves back to work or get yourself a job and stop being silly...I know this article is very silly but there was no better way to get the message across...GOODBYE *Computer Voice*

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