Tuesday, 28 September 2010


As each day unfolds,everybody is out and about with a new celebration theme for Nigeria @ 50. Now its the turn of British-Nigerian entrepreneur Alexander do small things.

Alexander is well-known for his brand of luxury mobile phones and suits including the famous “most expensive suit in the world” and now he has announced details of his luxury wrist watches designed to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of independence in Nigeria

Each of the 50 limited watches will be labeled 1-50 with number one being reserved as a gift to the President of Nigeria, numbers 2 – 10 will be available to buy via auction on a dedicated action line on +44 7971 678 858 officially reserved in celebration of Nigeria’s Golden Jubilee to top Government executives and Nigerias super elite. Whilst numbers 11 through to 50 can be bought from http://www.alexanderamosu.co.uk/jewellery/products/bespoke-watch/amosu-rolex-nigeria-50th-anniversary starting price £15,000.

For ladies, There are 50 limited edition watches in a different Rolex design also commemorating Nigeria’s Golden Jubilee. Further customization is available with the use of diamonds, gold and personalization of names or company logo truly making it one of its kind.

Alexander Amosu says “This project has been months in the making. As a proud Nigerian, I wanted to do something special to mark this historic occasion and I felt that a luxury timepiece was the best way to do this… I wanted to create a timepiece that could be passed down from generation to generation, A legacy timepiece.”

An interesting concept for those who want to invest in an item that commemorates Nigeria’s golden jubilee.With only 50 being produced, we reckon that most of the buyers will be Rolex collectors and patriotic moguls.

I must buy this wristwatch,ehen..with the way i love wristwatches,oya everybody begin dey donate....

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