Thursday, 23 September 2010

Meryl and Mwisho engaged-Another love nest

First it was Kevin and Lizzy(i still believe she is using him),now its Meryl and Mwisho as they have confirmed to Big Brother that they indeed wanted to get married.

Biggie then made it official when it pronounced them engaged and told them of the engagement party plans for Saturday and as soon as they walked out of the diary room the weddings bells started ringing

Kaone told the two "You can always change your mind." and is convinced the relationship will be over the minute the show ends,"Don't be confused Africa. They will break up after the show," he said.

I must say though, I am not too convinced about it working out either, but hey it’s all good while it lasts right and yes good luck, I do hope it works out,but I'm not convinced sha maybe if Mwisho doesn't win Meryl might win and they would share the money and it looks like its their strategy to get votes...hehe(wishing them luck)

Mwisho admitted to Biggie today that he is scared but that he definitely wants to marry Meryl,Fantastic news indeed considering that all was not rosy in paradise on Tuesday when husband accused wife Mwisho of talking too much to the other males in the House.

She is the only female in the house honey, what other option does she have?

Meryl was very upset with the accusation and told him that she will not change her lifestyle for him as she has nothing to do with his relationships with the other people in the House,The argument got very heated and the couple slept in separate beds for the first time since Day 14 in the House.

It wasn’t to be for the whole night though because Munya and Kaone picked up Mwisho from his bed and threw him on the bed that he shares with Meryl.

After which Munya said “You are home”.LWKMD....I love the 5 remaining housemates

Munya, the current Head of House revealed to Biggie that he wasn’t sure that Merylisho and the wedding thing was for real but added that if it was then he offers them much respect because he wouldn’t get married on national television as he would be too scared of tripping and falling.

In other happenings in the House Kaone took some time out to get out of his comfort zone and put on a little comedy show in which he impersonated Paloma and left the other Housemates in stitches,he created a bigger butt by stuffing a pillow into his pants and went on to sing one of Paloma’s favourite songs whilst pretending to sweep and dance.

That was quite refreshing to say the least; I actually didn’t know that Kaone could be that funny.

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