Saturday, 30 October 2010


I have said it before i think its high time i start running for Local Government chairman of the Eti-Osa Local government, am sure of votes na....
Na wa oh!news just reaching our stables has it that renowned actor and director Uncle Jide Kososko is aiming at the house of reps under the Action congress of Nigeria party..Here's what he had to say

"As you know, I have been in this industry for many years and I have contributed immensely to the growth of the industry. I know for sure that if the given the necessary support, motion pictures would go a long way to support the economy of this country. Unfortunately, quite a lot of people who are in government are not supporting the industry in any way. It is very bad and what I normally say is that, they don’t know the advantages of this industry. I am part of those who facilitated the bill for motion pictures and today that bill is still waiting for approval at the federal house. The life of all those benefiting from the industry is at stake. If the bill is approved, a lot of amendments would be made. Like I always say, the industry needs to be adjusted to the current trend; it need to be properly regulated; a lot of amendments must be made. I am planning on representing the Bariga/ Shomolu constituency. If you look at that particular area, you would see that it is one of the underdeveloped areas. There is need for everybody to complement the work of the Lagos state governor. It is my intention to use the constituency to propagate the effectiveness and goodness the industry can do to the state and Nigeria as a whole. The industry that I served is definitely a viable one. I have the intention to reflect the advantages of the industry which I belong from that constituency for the nation to see. This would assist in the positive verification of the motion picture dream. The motion picture industry can do a lot to the industry. I want to do this by providing film schools, good locations. It would engage everybody. To me, it is the biggest. It would engage everybody. It would provide job opportunities." So there you have it, we wish him all the best.

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