Thursday, 7 October 2010

Julius Agwu's new video

Just got in from work and plopped in front of the TV,Africa Magic to be precise,and the next thing that came on was Julius Agwu's new video "The experience" and it was hilarious to say the least and exactly what i needed...He is a comedian and made everything laughable and generally funny..At the end some school children passed by and were nothing more than 5/6yrs old and one of them stopped when it looked like Julius was speaking to them and the boy said "my mummy said i should not talk to any stranger oh!" it was too funny,the whole camera crew and oga Julius couldnt hold back their laughter and ended with "na experience be that"...I actually like this video in all its silliness... Tried to upload it from you tube but its not on there,so look for it urself

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