Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Spawned from the fusion of street and music, and energized by the creative spirit, a new breed of style is born. Shaking up reality through art, music and an appreciation of life's challenges, Live Mechanics, created by Osa Odiase has been a force in the world of street couture since 2000; offering a new conscious line, bound for revolutionary achievement. Created to be an answer to the fast changing climate in today's world of street wear. Live Mechanics started as most great sportswear companies do by printing tees and sweatshirts and building a strong grassroots following in its California home base through our familiarity with our customer base and our marketing expertise. Since this time we have taken our flare for graphics and moved to a full scale line.

The Nigerian market is not one to ignore and has been designed for those of us determined to live our lives on our own terms, not afraid to express our dreams and turn them into reality. Live Mechanics continues to achieve this effect: incorporating a more conscious outlook into our product by exploring the differences in the world's rich cultural, musical, artistic, political landscape into street clothing for people from all walks of life.

Live mechanics is coming home to Lagos this October and is Opening at THE ADENIRAN SHOPPING MALL off Bode Thomas in Surulere...You dont want to miss this Grand opening...For more information visit

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