Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I rolled on the floor with laughter or i danced so much that immediately i got to the car park my shoes went off is an understatement...The Lord of the ribs was a very lovely show and i must give kudos to Basket mouth and the organisers(but they should have sorted out the table seating's faster sha)To me I go dye is the best comedian that Nigeria has got...What!!!! the guys presence on stage alone made me laugh,Kevin J or Oluwakevin J as he would like to be called was a phenomenon,i could not get enough of him,that guy is not British jor(i believe he is Nigerian) his Nigerian accent were just to funny,then you have Ndumiso,Talent abounds in this Africa,Bovi as well as Gordons did good jobs...Gina Yashere was just OK to me oh!!I think Okey bakassi should concentrate on politics...Ali baba made a highpoint when he played YQ'S "I like girls" and then he said Weird MC loves that song..what!!! if ur not so sharp it would take you a while to understand...

Then the musicians........WHOOPS!! First act was Wizkid i think,then Jesse Jagz(he looks like a 15year old,he is so small nd cute plus that his dressing) showed us "wetin dey",then Ice prince "Oleku tell me something wey i no fit do" was just too mad and they all pulled it off well,Mr Incredible came on and gave us Anoti,Ikechukwu was critical and showed us "who got the money", then Eldee the don told his "OTAS" kon yago(to commot) and told us why he is a big boy with banky,Mr capable "strong thing" would make you not "thief his Kele",Durella was just too mad showing all his enemies "his life"..Terrrrrrrryyyy G is the the craziest act of the industry no disputing and nobody does the alanta like him,what immediately the dude got on stage everybody was up...what!!!! i have never seen so much Ginjah and swagger and then he got down from the stage and rushed into the crowd causing some chaos and this point i was reeling with laughter..He is good please nobody can take that stage presence from him and sound sultan was good to..Couldnt wait for 2Face's had to leave,work Dey the next day.. How can i forget Kaffy,she actually was the opening act for the musicians Nice job on the whole...Pics coming very soon

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