Sunday, 31 October 2010


Went to the Style night fashion show,wasn't half babd but a lot of gayishness on display but all in all wasn't bad. Met a couple of people,there was a particular guy that sang a song(he is under Toni Payne's record label) and to me he was the only one that moved the crowd,his song "BORN TO RULE ABI BORN TO REIGN" was just really lovely.. Toni payne looked rather..... Adora Ukoh looked hot,Julius and his wife all lovey dovey,Yam and a couple others big ups to my Linda Ikeji.
Now to the matter of the day,on my way back from this,I stopped over at C(let's call her that) to get something and we began talking and she is in a very funny yet not so funny situation. This particular guy wants to get her something and she doesn't want to take it but she wants to(she doesn't want to take it because its her friends ex) and she said Yeni what do u think,as a good friend and its sunday I no go lie I said ask for a tear rubber range rover,a trip to the bahamas for me and her or better still a blank cheque,jokes apart as much as I want her to take it,I don't want her to take it so it doesn't seem like she is a bad friend but the thing is the guy in question is her friends EX,EX OH! NOT CURRENT BOYFRIEND,I don't exactly see the biggy.. But she really is confused and doesn't know what to do,so we need some advice from our readers.. And did I add she is really pretty,so she has most guys at her beck and call... Waiting to hear from you... Xoxo


iyaniwura said...

ex boyfriend, exfriend, exdate, exgovernor...etc me l don't see what is bad in accepting a gift from ex anything to a friend except the ex betray a collective value hence, you don't want to associate with him/her. besides this, you friend can go ahead and collect the jeep and ticket for the 2of you. no forget me too o

Anonymous said...

‎​If she (lady c) & her friend(lady b) r close friends, she should let her know that her (lady b) ex is now friends with her (lady c). So if at d end of d day (laby b) hears anything it wouldn't be a hard sell for lady C to explain herself to lady b, although lady b will still read meaning into it, expect lady b is someone like me that sees no big fuss in any of my ex seeing or dating any of my friends. If my ex isn't good for me, definitely she must be good for someone else, who might just happen to be a family member or friends.