Thursday, 11 November 2010


I really want to understand something,didn't they NLC just go one strike because the govt refused to increase their wages and now Goodluck Jonathan is saying he is investing 30billion naira in the"entertainment industry" i dont get it,people are living below a dollar a day and this man has come out to say he is investing in the entertainment industry. Maybe i havent been updated but i dont know when Silverbird group became the entertainment industry of Nigeria, am very baffled,people are suffering, dying and he is investing in the tallest building in Africa..Later they will say they are working together for our good...Nigeria on the average should make 26.25 trillion naira from oil and we are approximately 150million people,doing maths sharply thats about 597,000 for each Nigeria from oil alone every month minus your normal earnings....This is just amazing..Goodluck Jonathan


Anonymous said...

very stupid indeed

Anonymous said...

Goodluck Jonathan,make good use of ur name oh!