Monday, 20 December 2010


It's easy to knock David Beckham,It's also easy to be nice about him and It's easy to go over the top about him whether supporting or attacking him.
I should know, i am fighting lots of people in writing this article in the hope that I can make it an objective, balanced piece.
It is not easy because Beckham is a player who has always had deep feelings within football fans and I am no different.
When it comes to a moment like this it is also easy to forget the great things he has done, the great moments he has provided us all with and simply remember the less enjoyable, more recent, times.
Basically, however, I am bitterly disappointed with his decision to take the highest paid early retirement in the history of the world.
This had been coming ever since last years' World Cup. Real Madrid obviously didn't want him anymore and Beckham was faced with a huge decision. Did he accept the biggest challenge of his career by trying to prove himself all over again in England just as his powers were undoubtedly starting to wane or did he accept a less taxing, and vastly better paid, environment over the pond.
I suppose his choice was obvious, although to the last I was hoping he would take the other one.
Okay the money's incredible, absolutely truth in fact, but he's already made enough to allow Victoria all the plastic surgery she could ever want and still have change left over to have his three children cloned .
He is that rich.

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