Monday, 27 December 2010


I love my daddy to shreds infact he is one of my favourite people and one of the most creative and intelligent people i have met,he always gives me ideas,he is the most dominant force in me starting my blog and my company HOMEMADE ENTERTAINMENT.But chai my dad is noted for another thing and that is talking,i dont know whether its because he is an advetising practitioner and used to go for presentations(so he is just used to talking).my daddy talks chai..
Let me give you a scenario:

ME:Daddy what is the name of this movie.

DADDY:Taking of pelham 123

ME:OK(and am going)

DADDY:It is a very good movie,it ponders on how the society wants to emancipate and dwell on the bad guy who has no incline what the dexterity of what he has caused the great people of new york and how it would affect the lives of the people and for generations to come,they would dwell on the consequences and it would in turn mar the younger generation.

And am like daddy*rolling my eyes* i only asked for the name of the movie not when the producer was born or the script writer thought to write about the movie.

Mr D you know i love you na*winks*

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Zaene said...

Daddy was just tryn to enlighten u joo :-p i'll report u...hehe...on a serious note tho, i watched the movie without thinking any of that...might just go watch it again...