Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Ok am not such a power dresser,sometimes i cant even be bothered,i prefer my jeans/shorts with a nice top and am good to go,but i never leave the house without a lovely bag.Enough of me,i dont get it sometimes the way some girls girls,let me paint a scenario
Its the fun turf soccer fiesta(A SPORTING EVENT OH!) and you see girls clad in dresses and 6inch high heels and i am reeling with laughter and wondering if you didnt check the mirror before you left or you didnt get what the event was about.

0r a beach party where everyone is clad in shorts and a nice tank top and yo will come in some heels,maybe your shoe never hook for sand thats why,or even a wedding and yo decide to wear shorts and a top(howfar???) u basically don dey MADT!!!
Basically i feel we should dress for the occasion, as the say "dressed as you want to be addressed"

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