Thursday, 30 December 2010

I AM NOT DATING MI-----WAJE Entertainment) had a chat with upcoming and phenomenal Songstress Aituaje Iruobe aka Waje and she told us why she hasn't dropped an album, clearing issues on jist making rounds that she is dating MI and a bit about herself.

HE:News has it that your dating MI, how true is that?

Waje: Laughing,its not true(still laughing)Ok i went to see MI because we had been talking about working together for a while, he played an instrumental for me and ONE NAIRA Was birthed and with the concept of the album "The movie" me being his girlfriend, we figured it would make a lot of sense. So it was just for the album,i and MI aren't dating.

HE:How do you manage being a single mum and an upcoming star?

Waje:Its not necessarily something i like to talk about,not for me but for her because she is still a child.I try my best to manage it,naturally God gave us motherly instincts and it has basically been with the strength of God and faith in myself.

HE:You have featured in quite a number of songs,do you just do every song or you select?

Waje: I definetly pick my features because my brand is special and sensitive.Basically because of DO ME people want to work with me and some of the songs that i have featured on have been done a while back they all came at almost the same time e.g One Naira, Jazz me.So its not like i just do everything i pick my songs and the songs are the ones i probably would not do on my album and for my fans to know how versatile i am.

HE:Your one of the very few artist that perform with a live band,how do you pull it off?

WAJE:Its not been easy and i just started using the live band and we havent worked together more than 6times.The thing is when people pay to watch you they dont just pay to hear you the CD,they want to be able to interact with you and the live band concept allows the opportunity to do that.But though we love music and entertaining people,its not easy tacking care of 10 people or more in a band.

HE:You have been in the industry for quite a while now,some say 10years and you havent produced an album,why?

Waje:Professionally i have been in the industry for 3years since DO ME with P square,unprofessionally i have been singing for a long time.I was signed to a record label though while i was in Enugu.Basically everyone has their own path, conviction and knowing what they stand for.If it was about releasing an album,i wold have gone into the studio,sang songs and released something in one month. My brand is sensitive and whatever i come out with has to be classic and get people wanting more and until i get satisfied i am not coming out with anything.But my fans should expect something in February.

HE:Classify your genre.

Waje:Though kolo is pop,i am an R&B artist,if you put me in other genres i would do well but R&B is my thing.

HE:Did you always know you were going to go into music?

Waje:Initially i couldnt decide,i remember when the CEO of Dome records came to meet me up to sign me,and i stupidly said God didnt give us our talents to make us money and its the bible that says the works of our hand will be blessed and take us forward.But now i am in music fully though i would set up a practice in social work and anthropology.

HE:Your names are Aituaje Iruobe,where did Waje come from?

Waje:Well i just put the W,i dey find name wey sweet na and WAJE is an acronym for WORDS AREN'T JUST ENOUGH and i formed that because i am music,music is me,i might want to say something and the words wont be enough so i add some melody to the words,so "WORDS AREN'T JUST ENOUGH".

HE:A bit about yourself?

Waje:I am dark skinned,my mum is igbo,my dad is from Sabongida Ora in Benin at one point in my family's life we moved to Enugu thats why i speak very good igbo.I like food(you know see my size)(she has a nice figure oh! dont mind her)I like watching movies though,sometimes i have mood swings,i might feel like going out for the next 2weeks and the next time i just want to sit in and watch a movie.


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lovely and to the point

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a refreshing interviewing style. HE....pls do more of this. l enjoy the reading ur dialogue. very good girl....

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thank you..more to come next year

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It's good to make it direct to the point

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