Sunday, 12 December 2010


Hmmmm Ikechukwu just dey show im sef,first it was rumored he beat Dbanj silly,got kicked out of Mohits(not that he was there exactly) and then now this.I personally dont like him but am not going to be biased here,i just think he should have been a more mature person by walking out or something because no be by force to enter Rehab..

Here's what he said on his twitter page
"Just wanna apologize to my fans for bringing myself so low yesterday. This is not the kind of character I portray or expect anyone else to. People will always test u. Show strength with restraint. God bless"

I stopped going to rehab cos not only does the club just suck as far as space is concerned but it always has one funny smell. Then I just can't stand the people running the club. Feel among dey vex them. If I no gree be ur friend no be by force na. Ah jo oo


At the end of a day if you've got an issue with us and ur going to take it to twitter, be a real G and @ us at least... @ikechukwukillz

If u party at rehab pls don't talk to me. That club is dead to me. A bouncer put his hands on me for what ????? FUCK REHAB and all its fucking people

I think killz should just chill oh! because thats how Eedris Abdulkareem started and i dont know where he is today.

Picture thanks to Linda Ikeji

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