Monday, 20 December 2010


Its so amazing sometimes how we all take life for granted or sometimes are UN appreciative. Yesterday was Annual thanksgiving in my church(HOUSE ON THE ROCK) and some people came up to share their testimonies,i am going to give a few here;

A woman came up and said how she had cancer for 5years and didn't know until about a year ago nd she went for treatment and its gone and she knows it wont come back.

Another guy came in crutches and said that on his way back from an office assignment robbers attacked him and the driver,they shot the driver in the head and the driver didn't feel the impact and ran to the road where he was taken down by an oncoming car and he the testifier was shot in the hip and how he survived was a miracle and the cro
crutches are going to be taken off soon.

Another woman came up and said she entered a bus that had no brakes and the driver didnt say anything,after a while as they were going the driver said everybody should stop and get down because there were all complaining about the 100 fare,she said God was telling her to but she didnt because she wanted to get to her destination,so they kept going with everybody back on,only for them to get to 3rd Mainland bridge and the driver was really speeding and people were telling him to use the brake but he didnt answer because he didnt have any,only for them to get to a part of the bridge and two area boys were standing ,1 seeing the bus coming like that moved but the other one stayed there and he was crushed alongside another bus,the next thing she could remember was that she was in the hospital and how she came out unscarred,no internal bleeding was just the handwork of God.
These are just a few of the testimonies,i am just so grateful to God that through everything he has kept me,my family and my friends.No accidents,no armed robbery attacks,even through the recession he has give us hope and blesses us everyday with the gift of life.I am truly grateful Lord,thank you for your faithfulness,love and kindness over the years..Indeed there is no one like you!!!

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