Monday, 20 December 2010


My friend sent this to me,so i figured i would put in on here..lwkmd

"I cant believe this,he deleted me from his BB,i cant reach him on his phone,he removed me from his friend list on facebook,twitter and has moved houses.All i asked was for a Christmas gift oh! just:

Brazilian hair-85k

Gucci bag-125k

Louis Vuitton wallet-40k

DKNY wristwatch-75k

Prada shoes-55k

Aldo sandals-25k

Victoria Beckham jean;50k

Mac powder-15k

Bis ohhh-common 3k

Infinity FX 35;just a couple of millions"(about 2Million)
Everything totalling up to N2,473,000(IN WORDS,TWO MILLION, FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY THREE THOUSAND NAIRA) lets just say 2.5mil cuz the babe forgot to ask for driver and fuel money

He is supposed to meet my parents over Christmas so we can discuss how to pay my dowry.

Geez*rolling eye smiley inserted*
Wonder what went wrong*now thinking*

Foolish babe all this one is small na,you would have said they should buy you private jet,then Bugatti,pls an Island...lwkmd

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