Friday, 24 December 2010


Our first lady has done it again,This is what she said:

‎"My Husband, Dr Goodluck Jonathan and Sambo is a quiet people." *what is all this na*.
I personally feel education should be given the highest budget allocation in next year budget planning--


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Anonymous said...

shina peters once sang.....abi na sung that ' eunglish be my language...' when herelease one heavy bomb at one award like that.abeg make u na leave madam jonathan alone make she dey shell us go....abi na going

Anonymous said...

mrs jonathan obvious inability to speak good english even when its written down for herto is bad pr for oga'2011 branding. madam 1st lady should have less public speaking roles for now to avoid all these embarassments...she can just attend weedings, naming ceremonies, concert, awards, fashion shows and so on...and so forth. at least she does not have to speak there.

Liverust said...

Please give the lady a break, everyone deserves one!