Monday, 20 December 2010


As women it is very essential that we have some things in our bags,when i see some of my friends with toothpicks or even a fork in their bags,am wondering why???? Anyways i learnt my lesson the hard way,i was in church when my nose started doing "yimu yimu", and i said nothing jo,just one of those things,until i started sneezing uncontrollably,i asked my neighbor do you have tissue and the babe said no,choi! hembarrasment and the church was full and Pastor Paul was preaching,when i saw that it could be taken anymore i gats stand up and hanswer the call of the nose
OK,OK,OK long story,its just advisable that you have these essentials in your bag


Spare slippers(flats)

Pashmina(in case your dress do u strong thing)

Lip gloss(comes in very handy)



Rubber band or a hair packer

Hair brush/small comb

Chewing gum(sometimes the mouth can give ha hoffensive smell)

Hand cream

Pepper spray

At least N1000,tucked somewhere in your bag

A small note book and a pen(very important)
These are what would start entering my Omalicha Ghana must go(that means my fine big bag).If you know any other item(s) that should be up let me know..xox

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Lwkmd,you have got to be kidding right