Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Na wa oh!200 cows were found dead Friday on a farm in Portage County, Wisconsin. The dead cows had to be removed with semi-trucks and the rest of the farm has not been quarantined, as officials say no threat is posed toward humans or other animals, according the The AP. Thats just strange oh! it was just a couple of weeks ago that dead birds fell from the sky in Arkansas, following a massive fish kill just 100 miles away days earlier. In the week following, other mass bird deaths were reported in nearby Louisiana and Kentucky. Birds were also reported to fall dead from the sky in Italy and Sweden, and more recently similar incidents have been reported in California and Alabama and i also heard 40,000 dead crabs were washed ashore some of England's beaches.... Naija's own was dead whale abi, if was Naija that all these was happening people would be praising God, see free meat...No time

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Anonymous said...

This occurrence is getting too much oo...SIGNS OF END TIME?...something is really @if na 9ja it happened, we would thank GOD for free food oo...ha! nah poverty o!