Friday, 14 January 2011


After 13 hours of all the delegates voting,counting,sleeping the winner of the PDP presidential elections has been announced and its non other than President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe(dont know when this one became his name) Jonathan. The total votes were 3507.
In third place---->Sarah Palin *sorry* Jubril with 1 vote.

In second place---->Atiku Abubakar with 805votes

In first place----->Goodluck Jonathan---->2736 votes

And all this was announced by Prof Tunde Adeniran chairman of the PDP electoral panel at the Eagle square in Abuja.

A few observations: i dont get what some of the delegates were doing, did they think it was a party with paparazzi as they did not drop their votes even after they were asked to until camera took their pictures

Personally i feel Sarah Palin *sorry* Jibril did not "contest"because she knew she was going to win she contested because she wanted to be seen as a woman that tried,

I also noticed that the candidates representatives on stage represented them well:

1.The guy in brown who represented Sarah Jubril looked very non-challant.

2.Atiku;s man was every inch a fighter always contesting the counts.

3.Goodluck's boy was ever confident as per nothing do us,where dem dey???

Pls who saw Jonathan's wife#Enough said.

And i cant believe that Adamawa did not come out en mass and vote for their own only 31 votes and Jonathan 76----->chai..It was so bad that Adamawa became a trending topic on twitter.

I love love Jonathan Sambo and his wife, the woman was so calm i guess she doesnt like unnecessary attention.

GEJ also shelled oh! he said to avert all this things that have "BEFALL"Nigeria#gbagaun.

When the last state Kaduna was counted Bisi Olatilo one of the Anchors said"can Darey pls come and serenade us with some music,as Darey no come show the guy figured the man dey house dey doze.

I strongly believe that D Prince should have sang "Give it to me"

All in all it was a "FREE AND FAIR ELECTION",now its ACN's turn,lets hope they emulate the "freeness and fairness" of the PDP


Bushdakta said...

I like the way you reported this elecSion(!). Your award is in the post :)

Tari said...

lwkmd,this is too toh bad

Anonymous said...

oga madam goodluck should be wearing 'magic gadle' or wetin dem dey call that thing that firm everything up 'well, well...

Anonymous said... one above mistake o beside grammer no be our language o....u 2 dey 'shell' small small o. ur headline....primary...primaries ...certaingly not 'priamaries as u wrote o.

Anonymous said...

AHAHAHHAHAAHaaa....just see GEJ wife as she siddon kampe! ...norrin do the GEJ camp o jare!...smh

Anonymous said...

pls 4 those who watched it live, i would really love 2 know which of atiku's wives came with him.