Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I had to bring this on here if not my friend lets call her L,would break my head.
L and her boyfriend have being going out for a 8months plus and she says she is tired and has been saying that for the past 3months.

Here's her story she met lets call him "Bayo" mutually at a party because they were sitting on the same table with mutual friends and they hit it off from there.Bayo is very intelligent,generous,sweet and all the works well that was until three months ago,he started being funny,not being his romantic self anymore,lying to her and even saying some not nice stuff to her and she is wondering why.

This is someone that she loves and she thinks loves her,has done everything for and has even endured Bayo's ex calling and all(which Bayo doesnt know).She says every time Bayo comes back saying his sorry and then lying the more again and frankly she is fed up and doesnt know what to do

So my dear readers,pls she needs our candid advice and suggestions pls help.


Anonymous said...

tell our friend to do what makes her feel happy. love most times is not meant to last 4ever. she can always meet a new guys that makes her feel good.

Anonymous said...

WHEN A RELATIONSHIP BECOMES A BURDEN OR A PAIN IN THE ASS, ....simply LET IT GO!...he is not faithful to her. tell her not to waste her youth on a guy leading her on a goose chase. Take care sweetie.

Blessing said...

A relationship is suppose to make you better not bitter...if she isn't happy with Bayo she should talk to him to clear the air and try to work things out...if that doesn't work she may have to say goodbye and move on...easier said then done...