Sunday, 9 January 2011


FINISH_YOU_BOY-Kelly Hansome.mp3

I think its high time somebody talks to this boy,what is his label Kennis Music doing???He is just making a lot of noise everywhere.Am not supporting anyone but can he just stop,the song is very unpalatable sef...Rubbish

Well kelly just released a diss song “Finish you boy”in reply to MI'S "beef" song,lwkmd.

The whole “beef” thing started when MI dropped a line in his “fast cars” song with Wizkid and Kelly didnt find it funny. Besides M.I, Kelly had also lashed the Mo’hits crew (Wande Coal and D’banj) with his highly popular song “Igwe kom kom” but rather than reply the Mo’hits crew ignored him and that ultimately killed that.

Well M.I/Chocolate City/Kelly Hansome “beef” continued once M.I dropped another line of the song “beef” and it says "See dis wowo boy dey form Handsome, Kelechukwu clap for yourself… well done!”. It was believed to have been an attack to Kelly. And knowing Kelly he wouldnt let it pass, at least we could tell from his facebook status some days ago which read “Now in the Studio to reply Jude Abaga, I’ma kill this in an Hour. Big Up Uglybeatz!!”.

He also followed with another status message on facebook earlier on Friday and it reads thus: “I dey my own some boi dey recite my name like a poem, where were you all? Yet he claims he doesn’t know me..lmao. ‘Kelly Hansome is Handsome’ now na wowo How many times now? You all just wait and see how incredible he is.. he must have a chocolate master plan..this is blood test 1..Buhahahaha! Illuminate your minds, fools!!”.

And some of the Choc City boys had these to say.

Jesse Jags wrote: “Heard kelly hansome’s new diss song. Lmfao. We shld actually hire him as our publicist. Lmao. Its sad that no one even cares”

and;“On second thot, I wouldn’t even hire him as my publicist cuz the song sucks. I wasted three mins of my life listening to it”.

Ice Prince Zamani wrote: “Kelly Hansome… Seriously?”

Now my own is why do these 2 have to reply,cant they just see it and pass ,MI should just let everything slide abeg and move on because there really isnt anything in all this beef


Y said... i must commend you,you news in on point,information,entertaining and educative.This is your year,u just wait and see the recognition u will get...AMEN!!!

Anonymous said...

It just shows what 'caliber' of musicians we have..NOTHING TO SHOWCASE!...i hardly listen nor pay cds of our musicians becox most of them are just noise o jare!

Anonymous said...

hiphop/rap artist bickering is part of the DNA of showbusiness. the bickering, rivary and 'fued' hype the artist, their music and create an unending storyline and interest among followers; remember notorious B.I.G, p-diddy, late tupac, death row record USA forever wahala. these guys are just following in the footsteps of their 'asiwaju' nabe, its call b.u.s.i.n.e.s.s

Anonymous said...

Seriously am highly disappointed in ur comment,I tote u sud be neutral buh now I can see ur taking sides wiv d choc boiz!
I tote dis is a blog I cud introduce to my frends buh now I know ur all d same.y are u attacking kelly handsome and not talking abt how stupid wat M.I did by dropping his name in his song!

lande said...

@anonymous 11:07 thats not a reason not to introduce it to ur friends,so stop chatting...She is trying and if you dont like it go and start your own blog

Blessing said...

Na wah o... unnecessary useless drama