Thursday, 20 January 2011


This has got to be the funniest story ever,but then again its happening everywhere and one more reason why we should thank God for the priviledges he has given us.
A 19-year-old man, Ogunleye Idris, has been arrested by the police for parading himself as a woman.Idris allegedly dressed in a woman’s gown, a black waist belt, faked breasts by putting two sachet water, popularly known as “pure” water, in a bra and wore a black 14-inch wig and a gold-like earrings, pretending to be a female sex worker.(but the guy didnt even do it well he should have fixed lace wig na)

Unfortunately one of his victims, an unidentified man who had invited him to a bar at Surulere, suspected his gender and raised an alarm. Other people in the bar held Mr. Idris hostage, stripped him of his clothes and alerted a police patrol van in the area who subsequently arrested him.

Adesanya Jinadu, the deputy spokesperson for the Lagos Police Command, confirmed the arrest.

“This young man, Ogunleye Idris, was arrested on January 15th, about 11.40pm where he has gone to a bar at Surulere to defraud an unidentified man,” he said.

“The man suspected that he was a man pretending to be a woman. Idris is in the habit of behaving like a woman and luring unsuspecting men. He has defrauding many men when luck finally ran out on him,” Mr. Jinadu said.

But Idris said he impersonated a woman because he was in dire need of money for his education.

“I went into this act just last month because I needed money. I have tried menial jobs but much was not coming from it. My desperation to get money for my JAMB and I wanted to buy a part time form to University of Lagos made me to impersonate. I am not a gay; people tell me that I look like a woman and I have a feminine voice, so I thought I could use what I have to get what I want. I got the female clothes, shoes and bags from the market at Isolo where I live. My intention is that when I get the money for my part time form and my JAMB, I will quit. This man was my third victim, and I have made N20,000 from this deal.

“I intended to stop and go into teaching when school resumes, because I wanted to go to the university to study Accountancy, because I am a very brilliant boy. I am the last of 10 children and my mother is dead. My father told me that he cannot sponsor my education and what my elder ones give me is not enough, so I was just doing this to help myself,” he said.

He also said “I just dial any number and when I hear a man’s voice, I will introduce myself as a woman to him and since I have a feminine voice, some of the men will call me back and arrange that we meet.I agree to meet them at night. There is an uncompleted building near my house and that is where I dress up. I put pure water on my chest and made them look like breast and used glue gum to paste the earrings on my ears. I put lips stick and make up like women do. But my first victim, I told him that I was a man after we got into the room. I explained everything to him that I needed money for my school, he took pity on me and gave me money. I have made N20,000 before I was caught. I feel bad about my ways; young men should not emulate me, and they should work hard and face their studies” .

Mr. Jinadu said the suspect will be prosecuted.


Anonymous said...

oh...those 'sexy eyes'......omg! lwkmd oh..

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Ibhade {NG} said...

Wait! make i first make i talk!..WHAT OF THE MEN THAT AGREED TO MEET HIM.....I MEAN SHE EHN?..abegi! make dem leave the boy abi girl o jare!...HE IS GAY! i don't buy that story of them giving him money when he appeals to them, after bringing them to a uncompleted building! BY THE WAY, WHICH KIN MAN GO AGREE A PERSON HE DOES NOT KNOW SEF???? WITH ALL THE STORIES OF 419, RITUALIST & KIDNAPPERS???? no understand oooo..THERE IS MORE TO IT O JARE!.. but the guy abi gal no dey bad-looking shaahahhahhahahhahhahaa


@ibhade lol,lolllllllll