Tuesday, 8 February 2011


It was joy all the way at Ketu bus stop where a staff of GTBank Mrs Funke Abimbola gave birth to her baby boy on a BRT bus.
She was then rushed to a nearby hospital Folu clinic and Maternity home at Ile bus stop and by this time a large number of people had gathered to see the woman and the 1st BRT baby. According to the driver of the bus Mr Ifeanyi Agbadugo she had bought the bus ticket en route to Ikorodu and on getting to Ojota the labour pain hit her,there was chaos and people started praying for her on getting under the bridge between Ketu and Ojota some women helped her lie on the floor and deliver the baby,the delivery we gather was between 5 and 10mins.

According to the woman Mrs Abimbola, she said "i took an early exit from work because i wasnt feeling too good,so i boarded the bus going to Ikorodu so i would stop at the hospital i never knew i would give birth in a bus.
Mr Abimbola the husband rushed to the hospital on hearing the news that his wife had given birth and was very elated.


Anonymous said...

wow!...yay!....unbelievable!...GOD is great! ...i mean, i am speechless!...what take some wome days, but was done under minutes!...i am so thrilled to hear this news o...BRT should give them ticket for life o!..hahahhha.. congratulation to the mother & GOD bless the new baby as you are welcome to the world!

Anonymous said...

yes oh