Monday, 7 February 2011


In a recent interview with next Ramsey Nouah has told his fans to be wary of scammers portraying to be him on social networking sites,Facebook and Twitter:

"I also want to add that I am not on Facebook. My so-called Facebook page is being run by those boys who scam my fans. I have never been on Facebook and up till now I don’t have a record. My wife knows that about me and anyone who is close to me knows that.

It became an issue last year when some magazine said some girl called them from Europe and complained about giving me money on Facebook to do something about an NGO and then I scammed her. The same journalist who called to confirm went back and wrote that I claimed I was not on Facebook. Now everyone knows that ‘claim’ in legal terms can mean denial.

I am also not on twitter but my names are there because some people are using my name and picture. When I come on Facebook, I will post a video there and on You Tube to let people know my true identity and account".

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