Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Na wa oh! this Americans are funny,this one is tiger next we would soon hear that somebody keeps corpses because she just has a liking for them..Iranu.

Well this little madam has had the tiger since the day he was born"My friends think it's really cool that I have a pet tiger because most of them only have a cat or dog," Felicia said.*hmmm,lwkmd, am just clapping my hands the way Yoruba women do when they hear some news*

Each night the playful tiger crawls into bed with Felicia, sleeping on her pink, black and leopard print sheets with her,the 17-year-old girl comes from a family of animal handlers and her parents run a program called "Tiger Encounter".

"He'll be with me until he's a year old and we'll use him to educate others," Felicia said.

For now, she's still feeding the six-month-old tiger milk; but in just a few more weeks, he'll eat only meat.

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