Saturday, 5 February 2011


All this rubbish has got to stop,pls am tired of the stupid excuse that guys would always be guys(when they cheat,lie,treat,u like crap and what not)but when girls do something it becomes a big deal,even as much as talking to another guy or calling him hey love or something.

How can you lie to your girlfriend even with the slightest thing,she goes out of her way to make you happy and be there for you and you open your mouth and vomit gibberish. Sometimes i tend to think that the way ex girlfriends treat the boyfriend,so they tend to take it out on you and later come back and apologize. If you are not ready for a relationship dont enter one.

In as much as men need to be pampered women should be too,you need to get up your ass and start treating your women right

All these are thoughts and if in any way you relate to this and are angry,third mainland aint that far


Anonymous said...

oh.....oh. l can smell bf/gf palava here.....helllllllllo? HME has you bobo 'given it 2u recently'? seriously now, disagreement and issues is as old as the bibble bween bf/gf so take it in its stride. but sha, recommending 3rd mainland bridge option 4the bobo is hard oooooooo!

Anonymous said...

dearie, u tuk d word out of my mouth,wen miss a hurt dem dey wud take it out on miss b,vry fustratin,especially if uve fallen in loe wit dem......vry annoying

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Lol @ both anonymous...that's the movement oh,