Saturday, 26 February 2011


Was going through 234next and i stumbled upon this, i think its so beautiful and sweet*teary*

What is the most romantic moment you've shared with him?

I hesitate because there have been many, but I guess the one that comes straight to mind is the morning of our wedding. My husband had a single rose delivered to me at 7am, with a card stating, "I can't wait to be joined with you for all eternity!" He then had a cup of tea and my favourite white chocolate cookies and another single rose sent to me in the day, with another card saying, "You are already gorgeous to me, but I can't wait to see you today!" Then, while I was doing my hair and makeup, he had yet another rose delivered with a card that said, "So, soon we will be together. I miss you baby, Your Loving HUSBAND!!!!!" He had in all, five single roses sent to me that day.


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something does not seem to add up here...pls help me out. this is a recap on what happen on the morning of her weeding day, right? my rationale is if ur honey send u flower in the moring, chocolate in the afternoon and another rose in the evening...on ur wedding day? that ur normally will be in church, reception, party etc. how is this possible. pls help me, l dont understand...!


Dear anonymous,i am sure he sent it in the space of 4hrs,from the moment she woke up to the point when she was about to depart for church