Monday, 7 March 2011


Patience Goodluck Jonathan no dey cease to fall my hand, at an event for widows she began by saying "MY FELLOW WIDOWS" Lwkm,meaning Jonathan don go be dat,choi,it didnt end there at another one she said" COME APRIL ELECTIONS WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO PRESS YOUR HAND?IT SHOULD BE UMBLERRA."

I have died oh! chai this woman no dey cease to clear my doubt,how on earth can you say where would you press your hand,YEPA!!!! and then umblerra(meaning umbrella,PDP'S logo or whatever is an umbrella.

I can imagine when she gets back to Aso rock,this is the conversation that would go one with her and Goodluck:



Patience:I really delivered the speeches to the widow.

Goodluck:You dey craze,which speeches,where you just dey mess for the place.

Patience:Abeg e don do,no be small small somebody dey take learn English.

Goodluck:Your case na sorry one,but as your name suggest i go dey patient with you..

#i am good sha,lwkmd as i was writing this.


Anonymous said...

Yeni oh! yeni,rotflmao..Ur a clown and very good one at that..lwkm..all the best dear.

Anonymous said...

make you blogers leave madam 1st lady alone o. Grammar no be her language now abi wetin sef. the most important thing? 'idea na im we need' na so, so gba, gbiam, gbosa, shelling, pieh, gbis, gbas ... you go dey hear so tey she go win the election with her hubby. granted the woman no speak english well well but she's working hard and attracting a lot of votes for pdp.

Anonymous said...

LMHO!...fello widows?..GEJ don go?

press hand? wetin?

tobeeme said...

pless your hand on the umblerra and vote for PDP!!!