Sunday, 6 March 2011


Love knows no boundaries, tribe,color,size,all that matters is that you have each other and you will be there for each other through thick and thin.

Meet Damola and Zusi Bolodeoku.
Zusi met Damola on her first day at work in a bank,Damola a senior officer in the bank showed her round and they immediately hit it off as friends.Apparently Damola had been "eyeing" very cute and petite Zusi and then went on to tell Zusi's boss a very good friend of his who eventually told Zusi and that began a whirlwind romance.

They dated for 2years,getting to know and understand each other better and then Damola proposed to her on the 14th of Febuary 201,she says though she expected it,it was still very surprising because of the length he went to make everything all so perfect and special and he still does.

They eventually got married in July 2010 at a very beautiful engagement as Zusi is from Edo state and Damola is Yoruba and then went on to an equally beautiful wedding ceremony as Zusi walked down the aisle in a beautiful Bridget Awosika dress.

Zusi's advice for ladies in a relationship,"I would advise every single chic in a relationship to remain patient with her man because things always work out for the patient girls*she smiles*, and most importantly make it a duty to know your mans formula because every man has his own formula and by formula i mean what makes him tick.Though am still young in marriage and learning by the day,my greatest advice is never lose communication as "communication is key"


Anonymous said...

awwww this is beautiful,they look so happy together.

Anonymous said...

lovely idea, nice couple 2

TOLUMIDE said...

awwwwwww,u can see the love,see the way he looks at her..nice nice


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