Monday, 28 March 2011


A blogger friend of mine is seeking advice for a friend of hers,please give your candid advice.Thanks

Hello my blogger-friends, i am seeking for your candid opinion as always on an issue:

A woman came to publicly disgrace her relation's wife in her shop over a hearsay matter from a little bird. As the wife was giving back as good as she got, her hubby came out from their house to see what the ruckus was all about, but didn't utter a word, while he watched the whole drama unfolded, this irked his wife who expected him to come to her defense against his relation who was abusing her in the presence of everybody. It were her neighbours that intervened and brought the quarrel to an end.

The extended families came to resolve the matter; The wife was apologized to while the tale bearer & quarrelsome relation was rebuked severely because they found out it was simply the case of 'bad-belly' [grudge] that caused it. Her hubby refused to intervene that day because he didn't want to be seen as taking sides.

Though, he had apologized to his wife privately but she had lost the trust & respect for the head of the family who couldn't protect her! Hence she refused to warm his bed after that scene, but he still continued to plead with her. He had to report to her extended family twice about his wife's decision to starve him of sex. They had spoken to her, but she still refused to budge! Now it's going to 7months, his patience is running out....he is thinking of taking another wife since his religion permits it, because he does not want to sleep around.

My friends, i am in shock, we don't know how to go about advising him, so hubby & i decided to ask you all for help....thanks a lot as usual..i won't reply back since i am the one seeking for advise....{infact i talk too much sef! :)))))))) have a fulfilled week...shalom.


Anonymous said...

when you chose to deliberately deny your husband fun for such reason for 7months then, you takes whatever comes your way. it is that simple.

Anonymous said...

totally agree with anonymous.

me thinks, she took it too far!

nothing like dialogue.