Tuesday, 1 March 2011


At a church service on Sunday at the Fountain of Life Church, Ilupeju, Lagos, father of 10-month-old Enioluwa Odegbaike recounted how the family got him back from the kidnappers.

According to him, they had done everything asked by the kidnappers, yet the kidnappers refused to return the boy. He said that the kidnappers had contacted him severally on the phone promising to release the baby but would again call to postpone until he received a text message on February 26, around 6pm ordering him to get to Benin Republic before 7pm. On arriving at the designated point in Benin Republic, Mr Odegbaike said the kidnappers told him he got there too late and was subsequently diverted to another location. He was told to get to the new location via a commercial motorcycle by 2am in the morning.

He said that a woman also arrived at the same location on a motorcycle with Enioluwa strapped behind her. She was guarded by around 10 men, none of who covered their faces. As Enioluwa was being handed over to Mr Odegbaike, one of kidnappers said to him, “I took care of your boy because you were nice to my staff.” Mr Odegbaike did not state categorically if a ransom was paid, but added that he did “everything they were asked to get Enioluwa back.”


Anonymous said...

Am so happy to hear it. Praises be to GOD for looking after him in while kidnapped..alas! who can we trust again?..'his staff'?.. meaning it's a gang-mafia set-up?.. people need to be wary of maids & nannies now oo.

Anonymous said...

we need to know full details, buildup and conclusion of this family's ordeal so that other people can learn from it. enioluwa's parents should hold a major interview....(maybe hme, u can reach out to them) guardian, punch or genevive or somethin. l hope the family will be forthcoming.

Blessing said...

Awww Praise God!!!

Homemade entertainment said...

We would try asking for an interviewthanks for all your comments. Only God can help us oh!