Sunday, 6 March 2011


This is so sad,i really am weak now,why on earth, a pastor for that matter,all his preaching ti ja si gutter(meaning all the talk don fall for gutter)Albert Odulele, a 47 year old pastor based in the United Kingdom has confessed confessed that he indecently assaulted a boy under 16 year old at the Bexley Magistrate courts, He also did the same with another male who is slightly above 16. No one knows whether he had been doing it for a long time.
The 47 year old Pastor, who is also the leader of Glory House Church in east London would be sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court at a later date, said Metropolitan Police.
So many times when i am with friends or people in general and we get talking and then land on the subject Nigeria and corruption,the way i defend my country even with Nigerians,you would think i was vying for a public office but i do it because i believe Nigeria is a good country filled with good people but some "i dont know what to call them"lurk beneath.Pls we should join hands and pray for Nigeria,there is still hope.

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Anonymous said...

all his teaching ...'ti ja si kanga( stumble inside deep well) this guy is sick. and see him fine face, ole, asewo, gay, barawo, idiot, foolish, psyco, rat.