Thursday, 3 March 2011


I got this from Bella Naija and thought to bring it on here,it is very true and we should all follow these safety tips to prevent any mishap oh!

1. Computer Science expert, Dr. Latifa Ayoola Ph.D says, NEVER. Repeat, NEVER share your passwords with anyone you are unmarried to. She says, It might be real cute (or cheesy, depending on who you ask) to share your password with the person you are dating as a show of openness and transparency, STOP IT! It compromises not just your privacy but that of your contacts and whatever sensitive information they may have shared with you. In fact, the same rule should extend to your cell phones and computers. This is not paranoia in anyway, but sheer sensibility.

2. Most of us have passwords that are simple and very easy to remember which also makes them very easy to guess – e.g. Mother’s maiden name, spouse’s other name, favourite city in the world and so forth. Even if you’ll make it simple, always “hybridize” your passwords. This means that you should always use a combination of numbers and text for your passwords. E.g. WhipMyHair1985 or 2000JingleBalls or Scape300Goats

3. Do not overlook those security questions! They’re important too! The default ones are a no-no because anyone who knows you quite well, will probably know what you first phone number was, or the first car you had and so on. However, when you change it to “When did I first eat Akpu?” that makes it a lot trickier for whoever is out to hijack your account.

4. Keep it funny and unpredictable. As a person, I’m quite forgetful. So forgetful that I’ve had to use the “forgot password” option many times. And then, it struck me and I changed one of my passwords to “Jingle Balls” Aha! Who would forget that huh?

Take a moment today, and go through all your emails and change your (weak) passwords and security questions, just in case.

My own even if you are married to the person, am not saying something would happen its just sensible that your passwords are kept to yourselves, the divorce rate is happening like you drink berry blast oh!

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