Monday, 11 April 2011


Its so painful to lose a child and our heart goes out to cute actress Toyin Aimakhu.
She recently lost her 6 months old pregnancy and spoke about her miscarriage to reporters: "I am so sad right now but God has a reason for everything. Yeah, I lost the pregnancy and it is very painful. It was six months gone and I was looking forward to having my baby. During the shooting of my last movie, I did go through a lot of stress and fell ill and recovered. I was even planning to premiere the movie before I travel out to deliver until I fell ill again. I was diagnosed of malaria and on Wednesday March 23rd, I was rushed to the hospital and probably because of the drugs I took, I lost the baby."

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Anonymous said...

loss of 6 months pregnancy? ouch! that's so painful. Take heart toyin God will give you another one that will stay. amin. but next time easy on 2much exposure/making money at the expence of ur new born baby, ur health and father of the baby o